Power Drink
The Power Drink was first introduced to us by Dr. Kamlesh, reputed Ayurvedic Physician. This very nutritious drink is a real tonic. Dr. Kamlesh recommends taking it as a breakfast. Almonds are said to be excellent for the brain. Dry fruits provide you with plenty of energy for the morning.
   5 almonds
   1 big dry fig
   1 or 2 dates; a few nuts (e.g. cashews or pistachios)
   a few filaments of saffron
   a few drops of rose water
The night before, soak the almonds in one bowl and the rest of the ingredients separately. In the morning peel the almonds; this will be made easier after the overnight soaking. Pit the dates and mix all the ingredients in the mixer, adding the saffron, the soaking water-and extra water if needed to adjust the consistency. (It should remain quite thick). Add a few drops of rose water before serving.
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