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Proper Exercise

How Hatha Yoga Heals

Asana practice wakes tamas, calms down rajas and nourishes sattwa For healing of the whole being - body, mind and spirit, the energy must be flowing, and the mind calm so that True Spirit that is the intelligence governing the body and mind be revealed. When you...

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The Importance of Practicing Hatha Yoga Every Day

The first thing we teach you when you come to yoga is that you are not the body.  That's the first thing.  It is not the last thing.  It is the first thing.  We teach you that you need to take care of the body but you are not the body.  That is the...

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Five Points and Proper Exercise

Your subtle body translated as Sanskrit mantra, Sanskrit vowels, Sanskrit sound.  When you hear the sound you would calm down.  It is not like a normal song that you feel good about.  This is like a sound therapy.  When you say OM that is a Sanskrit sound.  All...

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