Why Sign up for Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training

by Swami Sitaramananda

The question is good

Why do you want to become a yoga teacher?

Where to become a yoga teacher?

Why should you become a yoga teacher?

The question is good. Why do u want to become a yoga teacher? And where are you going to learn to become a yoga teacher?

So the ideal is you want to become a yoga teacher for yourself, to improve yourself, to elevate yourself, to learn the techniques how can you become strong, and healthy, and positive and knowing yourself more and more.

Yoga Teaches Union

The second point is how you’re going to serve others? Because we can never exist without others. So we elevate ourselves and we need to elevate other people, our friends, our families, the world, society. So that’s why you want to become a yoga teacher.

Sivananda Yoga Lineage

Now, where you want to learn to become a yoga teacher? You need to learn to become a yoga teacher where they know what is yoga. Yoga is universal. Yoga is science of self-realization.

So you need to learn from people that know what means self-realization, what is union of body-mind-spirit, what is in a nutshell who we are, and how we can find true happiness and true health.

So that’s why you try to find a yoga teacher training course that is from a long tradition, a classical tradition with teachers that know what they’re talking about.

The Founder’s Vision

The Sivananda yoga system was founded in 1969 by Swami Visnudevananda, after he has a vision how to help to bring the world to peace by training people individually to find peace and also to find health.

Now, there is  45 thousand yoga teacher trained in this system and people come out of this course feel much better about themselves, and knowing better what to do to help the world.

So you’ll learn difference things cause program’s very intense but the idea is you’ll become healthier, you’ll become happier, you’ll become more clear, more knowledgeable at the end of the 4-weeks course.

 What You Will Learn

You’ll learn philosophy and yoga asanas.  You’ll learn scripture and the teacher will talk a lot about yoga psychology how to become more positive and what is the science of self-development, that is yoga how to lead a yoga lifestyle.

You’ll learn how to be healthy, a little bit about Ayurveda, you’ll learn a little bit about anatomy physiology, you’ll learn a lot of kirtan, you’ll chant kirtan so you’ll be happy, you’ll have a nice community,

International Students

Usually international community so people often are in different steps of life and you can meet them and see yourself in their eyes, and see yourself in the eyes of the teacher. So you’ll have a different vision of yourself, and you’ll become completely re-charge.

Holistic Learning

So that’s how you wanted to take the yoga TTC and the classical traditional yoga school that there’s a lot of experience. It’s not just learning asanas, it’s not just learning exercise, it’s not just learning physical health but learning about mental health, spiritual health, a holistic approach to life, holistic approach to Yoga.


So that’s why you want to become a Yoga teacher so that you can improve yourself, you can improve your health, your happiness, but also you can serve this world that is very stressed out and very confuse and unhappy and Yoga is a solution of humanity nowadays.

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