Sankaracharya Jayanti

Sunday, April 30, 2017
8:00 –10:00 pm
Tuition : $10.00


Sankaracharya Jayanti is the celebration of the birth and the works of Adi Sankaracharya. Sri Sankaracharya is recognized as the foremost among the master-minds and the giant souls which Mother India has produced. He was the expounder of the Advaita philosophy. Sankara was a giant metaphysician, a practical philosopher, an infallible logician, a dynamic personality and a stupendous moral and spiritual force. His grasping and elucidating powers knew no bounds. He was a fully developed Yogi, Jnani and Bhakta. He was a Karma Yogin of no mean order. He was a powerful magnet.

There is not one branch of knowledge which Sankara has left unexplored and which has not received the touch, polish and finish of his superhuman intellect.

We will celebrate with a Pada Puja, a special worship ceremony in which we pay homage to the feet of the sage. In the eastern tradition knowledge is seen to flow from the head to the feet of a great sage, as water flows in a river. When we honor the feet we honor the great knowledge which flows.