Permaculture Action Day

Tuesday, October 10, 2017
8:00 am–9:30 pm






The Permaculture Action Day is an opportunity for anyone who is interested in Permaculture to come serve at the Yoga Farm and learn through hands-on activities. There will be a special Permaculture lecture and workshop offered to participants as part of the program. Participants offer four to five hours of selfless hands-on service and enjoy the daily schedule with a free Satsang (meditation and chanting), Yoga class, Permaculture lectures, and two organic vegetarian meals. 

This one-day program will be part of the Karma Yoga week. Participants may come for solely the Permaculture Action Day or for the whole Karma Yoga Week. Karma Yoga is service done without selfish expectations.  Karma Yogis work four hours a day and have a 50% reduction on accommodations. Gardening, maintenance, building and cooking skills are especially welcome. To register seperately for Karma Yoga Week, click here.


6-8am Satsang: Guided silent meditation practice, chanting and lecture
8-10am Karma Yoga
10am Brunch
11am-1pm Karma Yoga
1-2:30pm Permaculture Workshop
2:30 - 3:30pm Karma Yoga 
4-6pm Yoga Class
6pm Dinner
8-9:30pm Satsang: meditation, chanting and lecture (on the Yoga of Permaculture)


There are no prerequisites other than a sincere desire to learn and serve.

Arrival and Departure

Arrival: The action day will begin at 8am on October 10th. Please check in to reception when you arrive.
Departure: The course will conclude at 9:30pm when Satsang ends.

What to Bring

Durable shoes, loose comfortable clothing, durable work clothes, writing materials, meditation shawl or blanket, yoga mat, flashlight.

Books and materials are available in our boutique.


Please register 24 hours in advance to accomodate for meals and workshop space. Registration for the Permaculture Action Day is free. Accomodations cost extra (scroll down to bottom of accomodation page).

Registration for the Karma Yoga Week can be found here.

Accommodation Prices

Participants may choose to come for the full action day at no cost or may purchase 50% off accomodations to stay overnight. 

Tenting: $50/night

Om Cabins
 - Dorm: $65/night per person
 - Double: $85/night per person
 - Single: $130/night

Siva Cabins
 - Double: $120/night per person
 - Single: $170/night

Deluxe Shanti Cabins 
- Triple: $120/night per person
- Double: $160/night per person
- Single: $240/night
- Family of two: $280/night per family
- Family of three: $320/night per family

Accommodation Discounts: Seniors (60+) 10% & Students 10%

Click here for detailed information on accommodations