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Sivananda Yoga Asia

Swami Sitaramananda is Acharya for Asia and teaches the main Yoga Philosophy classes.


TTC Vietnam 2015.


The new ISYVC Dalat Center in Vietnam just had their one year anniversary.


More than 750 Japanese students have taken TTC in the different Sivananda locations.


TTC Taiwan took place for the first time in Dec. 2013. 


Alternate nostril breathing / Anuloma Viloma


Introduction | Vietnam | Japan | Taiwan | China


This page is to help consolodate the various International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers (ISYVC) in Asia under one umbrella page that links to all the different centers and locations.  ISYVC was founded in 1961 by Swami Vishnudevananda.  The current Acharya/ spiritual teacher of Asia is Swami Sitaramananda.  There will be TTCs held in all the countries in Asia every year or sometimes every other year.  There are also full-time centers now in Hochiminh, Vietnam, Dalat, Vietnam, and Tokyo, Japan.  As Sivananda Yoga spreads in Asia, there will surely be more centers opening in the future.


Sivananda Yoga in Vietnam has had a great beginning.  With TTC taking place every year since 2010 there are now city centers in Hochiminh City and Dalat and an affiliated center in Hanoi.  The city centers are thriving with a regular schedule 365 days a year and many residents coming throughout the year.  Many beautiful reviews have been written on tripadvisor.  Other International courses such as Ayurveda and Yoga Certification and Ayurveda Detoxification Pancha Karma courses are offered in the Feb.-Mar. time when TTC is taking place.  The first 5 years TTC has been taking place in Cuchi.  This year the location will move to the picturesque setting of Dalat.

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Sivananda Yoga has a long history with Japan and the Japanese students.  Swami Sitaramananda has been visiting Japn to give programs there for more then 10 years.  Japanese students often come to the different ashram around the world for yoga retreats and teacher trainings especially to Vietnam, Thailand, and India.   Japan had their own TTC which took place for the first time in 2013.  There is a New city center in Tokyo which offers daily classes, workshops, special programs and much more.  More recently Swami Sitaramananda visited Japan in Sept. 2014 to give programs throughout the country.  Here are some photos from the visit to Japan.

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Sivananda Yoga has a long history with Taiwan.  Swami Vishnudevananda visited Taiwan when he was alive and trained many students.  Here is some historical pictures of Sivananda yoga in Taiwan.  Since that time yoga has become very popular in Taiwan.  The first official ISYVC TTC took place for the first time in December of 2013.  This was the first International TTC held in a Chinese speaking country. Here is pictures from the 1st TTC.  There continues to be monthly satsangs and programs organized by the students in Taiwan.  Most recently Swami Narayana visited in Nov. 2014 and Swami Pranava will be visiting in April 2015.  Check out this page for more on Sivananda Yoga in Taiwan including upcoming retreat dates.

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China is the largest country in the world with the largest population, so bringing yoga to China is absolutely necessary to help bring peace and happiness to mankind.  The first official Teacher Training course was successful and graduated 24 students in October 2015.  There have been a number of other programs as well.  Here are some photos.   Please check out more information on the official ISYVC - China Website.

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