Gentle Yoga Teacher Training

Gentle Yoga is designed for students who need to have the basic yoga postures modified due to age, weight, illness, injury or limited flexibility.  In our experience as teachers and owners of a yoga studio for 18 years, we have found that due to poor lifestyles and chronic stress, many students come to yoga unable to safely practice the postures.  In keeping with the principle of ahimsa (nonviolence) we have learned to modify the asanas so that these students can benefit from a physical practice as they build the strength and flexibility to perform the full postures.

This course is designed to help yoga teachers evaluate limitations in their students and prescribe modifications of the poses for them.  These will include routines for those who need to practice in a chair.  We will have the participants experience the modifications themselves in class as well as learn them in more detail in workshops.  These workshops will also include discussions on the philosophy and psychology of gentle yoga and aging.

Upcoming Courses: