5-Day Health Camps










Cancer Wellness 

The Sivananda Yoga Health Education Camp for Cancer Wellness is a 5-day retreat for those already diagnosed with cancer, survivors, caregivers, and family members suffering from the stresses of cancer. Yoga teachings and practices are designed to support and enhance quality of life focused on prevention, gentle Yoga exercise and diet, and spiritual health. 

Dates: April 8-13, 2018

Teachers: Dr. Suprabha Jain, Alan Kaye 

Five workshops: 
1. 5 points of Yoga for Integral Health: Yogic Approach to Cancer Wellness
2. Importance to recharge vital energy . Understanding Prana and doing Pranayama exercises.
3. Conscious Relaxation and stress.  Yoga Nidra for Self-awareness
4. Anti cancer vegetarian diet
5. Meditation and understanding of thoughts , emotions and positive thinking for Cancer healing.

Chronic Pain

Pain seems to be conscious and cognitive. Persisting pain is related to changes in the physical body and neuroplastic changes in the nervous system. The “danger button” is constantly activated. Pain changes us in many ways. There are equally many ways to change it back. Develop skills to keep your body, breath and mind calm. Put some evidence-based pain self-care processes in your pain care toolkit. There is hope for finding more peace and ease.

Dates: 5 days March 11-16; Sept. 16-21;
Week end intensives: Jan. 26-28, Aug. 24-26, Dec. 7-9, 2018

Teachers: Swami Sivasankariananda Dr. Anthony Lopresti, DO, Len Saputo MD (TBC)


  1. Acute and chronic pain conditions and management.
  2. Breath Awareness and Breath Regulation – Pain is changeable;
  3. Reset the protective systems
  4. Mind body awareness – Become a pro at feeling non-pain sensation
  5. Body Tension Regulation and Release – Stay at the edge of pain
  6. Awareness of Thoughts and Emotions – Interconnection
  7. Anti  inflammatory vegetarian diet

Diabetes and Weight Management 

Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a group of metabolic disorders characterized by chronic hyperglycemia due to relative insulin deficiency or resistance or both. [29.1 million people in the United States have diabetes, but 8.1 million may be undiagnosed and unaware of their condition.]  The successful management of diabetes revolves around an individually tailored nutritional and lifestyle plan, Yoga exercise , breathing and meditation regimen. Use of medication if needed . Regular monitoring by patient and physician, and supportive education are an integral and important part of management. 

The team of SIHY’s Yoga Health Educators and Nutrition Service will guide you to make these decisions with knowledge and confidence. Patients would leave our workshops feeling empowered, and knowing what to do to incorporate their treatment plan and Yoga lifestyle:

Dates: Jan. 7-12; June 10-15;

Teachers: Karuna Devi, Mary Thompson, Dr. Suprabha Jain . Dr. Stephen Lewis MD

2. Yoga and Diabetes Management
3. Stress Management, Self-care and Positive Thinking techniques
4. Anti Diabetic Nutrition and Cooking
5. Self-affirmation, emotional intelligence and Meditation 

Stress Management 

More than 70% of doctor visits are due to diseases or health conditions caused by stress. Stress adversely affects physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual health if untreated for long periods of time. This 5-day Camp will help you to recognize the sources of stress in your daily life and provides the Yogic tools to increase one's stress resilience and cultivate a positive outlook on life as we address our lifestyle choices and how to change them through:

  • eating a balanced, vegetarian diet
  • limiting caffeine and alcohol
  • proper sleep
  • regular exercise (asana)
  • conscious breathing exercises (pranayama)
  • regular meditation
  • creative pursuits
  • spiritual diary writing
  • recognizing factors that trigger stress response

Dates: Feb. 18-23; Aug. 12-17; Dec 2-7, 2018
Teachers: Swami Dharmananda, Rudra , Dr. Avon Manney DO and  MS, Priti Parekh , MD -  to be confirmed.

Topics of workshops:
1. The 5 Causes of Stress and how 5 points Yoga Life  helps.
2. Physiology and Psychology of stress. The role of emotions
3. Proper Breathing and Prana  - Enhance vital energy and recharge
4. Deep Relaxation (Savasana) for the physical, mental and spiritual bodies.
5. Positive Thinking tools and meditation techniques for Anxiety and Depression.