• Tent - Bring Your Own – $190.00
  • Tent - Ashram Provided – $230.00
  • Om Cabin - Shared – $230.00
  • Om Cabin - Private – $350.00
  • Siva Cabin - Shared – $330.00
  • Siva Cabin - Private – $440.00
  • Deluxe Shanti Cabin - Shared – $330.00
  • Deluxe Shanti Cabin - Private – $610.00
  • (All prices include $70.00 base amount)

** All options include 2 vegetarian meals, 2 yoga classes, and 2 satsangs.

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Hari Katha: Ancient Stories of Grace and Divine Kirtan

with Sahadev

March 1 - 3, 2019


Hari Katha is a form of storytelling focused on the lives of saints and/or stories from Hindu epic scriptures. It often includes music, poetry, dance and philosophy. The intention is to imbibe Truth and righteousness and to immerse in devotion.

When we remember and discuss the lives and teachings of great souls, we attune to their divinity. We absorb the wisdom that they have exemplified and shared. During Hari Katha, the format is storytelling and singing with some philosophy mixed in.

It is very attractive to the mind and easy to remember. It is very heart-centered and practical. This course with Sahadev will also include some inspirational video footage from devotional films.

Sahadev will share stories of Rama, Sita, Hanuman, Krishna, Radha, Uddhava, Sudama as well as life stories of saints Tukaram and Mirabai. Singing the Divine Names (Kirtan) will be another main focus.

Daily Schedule

6-8am Satsang: Silent meditation, chanting and lecture
8-10am Open Yoga Class
10am Brunch
11am Karma Yoga
1-3pm Workshop with Sahadeva
3-4pm Free Time and Nature walks
4-6pm Open Yoga Class
6pm Dinner
7-8pm Free Time
8-10pm Satsang: meditation, chanting and lecture


Sahadev took the Sivananda Yoga Teachers Training Course in 1992, and has been in love with all aspects of yoga ever since. He currently teaches yoga classes and leads weekly kirtan and scripture study groups in Mount Shasta, CA.  He is also an audio and video recording engineer…
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