• $50.00 – ALL SESSIONS
  • $25.00 – 1st day session + free sessions
  • $25.00 – 2nd day session + free sessions
  • – only free sessions

Date & Time Details:
Sep. 17 - 21 @ 8:00 - 9:30 am PDT (approximately)
$50 - the charge is only a nominal charge for the talks in the first two sessions -  the other sessions are free
No Recordings available

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Online Introductory Course – History & Appreciation of Indian Art & Culture – Lectures and films

with Benoy K Behl

September 17 - 21, 2020


Art historian Benoy K Behl takes us on a journey through Indian art and culture and its influences across Asia. These talks are profusely illustrated by Behl’s well-known photographs and films, including the scarcely-seen ancient murals.  He shows the continuity of the tradition of painting in India, through ancient and medieval times.

Selected films are shown from his repertoire of scores of documentary films which he has made, with shooting across India and in many countries of Asia. He also takes us on a journey through the development of Buddhism and the spread of the tradition of the Ramayana. Behl presents the traditions of artmaking and patronage of art since ancient times. He shows the first deities that were conceived in Indian thought and art, as well as the development of subsequent spiritual traditions and deities. He explains the meaning of the stupa, the linga and the development of the temple in India.


Thursday 17th September, 2020 (Day 1) – 8 am – 9:40 am (with 10 minute break)
Introduction of Mr. Benoy K Behl (4 minutes)
Introduction to Indian art and illustrated talk on ‘The Mural Paintings of India’.
Continuation of ‘The Mural Paintings of India’ talk.
session cost – $25

Friday 18th September, 2020 (Day 2) – 8 am – 9:20 am 
Talk on fundamentals of Indian art (stupa, linga, birth of deities)
Q&A (Questions for both days talks will be accepted.)
session cost – $25

Saturday 19th September, 2020 (Day 3) – 8 am – 9:30 am (10 minutes break)
Spread of Indian culture across Asia, talk and film screening on Japan.
Film on miniature paintings of Kangra, mainly on themes of Lord Krishna.
FREE of charge

Sunday 20th September, 2020 (Day 4) – 8 am – 9:30 am (10 minutes break)
Talk and film on the aesthetics of Indian art of the Gupta Period (around 5th century CE).
Talk and film on the beautiful bronzes of Tamil Nadu, mainly of the Chola Period.
FREE of charge

Monday 21st September, 2020 (Day 5) – 8 am – 9:40 am (10 minutes break)
Talk and film on the exquisite dances of Manipur, mainly on themes of Bhakti.
Talk and film on the Ramayana performances in 10 countries of South and South-East Asia.
FREE of charge

***  No Recordings available

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Benoy K Behl
Benoy K Behl is a film-maker, art historian, and photographer who is known for his tireless and prolific output of work over the past 44 years. He has taken over 53,000photographs of Asian monuments and art heritage and made 145 documentaries which are regularly screened at major cultural institutions worldwide.…
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