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- 7- 8:30pm Positive thinking Workshop
- 8 - 9:30am or 4 - 5:30pm Yoga Class

Location: Online

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Online Positive Thinking for Self-Renewal: Tools for Overcoming Anger

with Hamsa Chaitanya

May 10 - 14, 2021

This 5-day Positive Thinking course shares ancient knowledge and practical tools to overcome anger and its many manifestations of frustration, irritability, rage, and violence. The Bhagavad Gita states that desire is the root of anger. Yoga teachings offer a clear understanding and practical approaches for overcoming anger, how to detach from desires, how to recognize unreasonable expectations, and how to let go of the sense of doership and control, so we can live with greater peace, trust and faith.

Learn practical and accessible Yoga techniques to open the heart, to generate positive thought patterns and to overcome negative tendencies based in desire that lead to anger and self-sabotage. Learn skills to access our innate positive and joyful nature, and to remember the goodness of human beings and the grace of God. Recharge and reconnect with the beauty and meaning of your life.

We can not change the external but we can change our outlook towards it. We cannot rewrite the past and it is not helpful to worry about the future, but we can live in the solid present and recognize this moment as golden opportunity. Workshops and lectures focus specifically on the power of thought, how to live in the solid present, how to turn the negative emotions to positive feelings and positive actions, and how to manage stress and respond positively to challenges.


  •     Clear definitions of desire and anger
  •     Four paths of Yoga in response to attachments and anger
  •     Thought Power to overcome negative tendencies
  •     Heart intelligence – how to cultivate detachment and faith
  •     Meditation – connecting to higher Self (beyond names and forms)
  •     Yoga asanas
  •     Pranayama
  •     How to manage stress, expectations, desire for control


Hamsa Chaitanya
Hamsa Chaitanya is a senior staff teacher at the Yoga Farm, taking TTC in 2010 and Advanced TTC in 2014. Hamsa Chaitanya took Brahmacharya vows in 2014.  She graduated from the the Sivananda Yoga Health Educator Training in 2019 and is a Certified Yoga Therapist specializing in Stress…
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