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Date & Time Details: 7pm Monday, Aug 16 to Friday, Aug 20 Sliding scale $50 - $108

Location: Online

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Online Thought Power: Steps to Positive Thinking

with Swami Dharmananda

August 15 - 20, 2021

Thought is a vital, living force, the most vital, subtle and irresistible force that exists in the universe. The thought-world is more real relatively than this physical universe. Thoughts are living things. Every change in thought is accompanied by vibration of its matter (mental). Thought as force needs a special kind of subtle matter in its working.  Unlock the power of your own positive thinking in this time of uncertainty as we study Thought Power, Swami Sivananda’s paramount discourse on the nature of thoughts, how to utilize thoughts for the good of all, and how to overcome negative thoughts. Thought Power delivers clear and practical instruction for everyday life.

We will meet nightly 7pm for group teaching. Includes individul reading and journal writing.

Topics covered:

  • Thought Power – It’s Physics and Philosophy
  • Thought Power – It’s Laws and Dynamics
  • Values and Uses of Thought Power
  • Functions of Thought Power
  • Development of Thought Power
  • Positive Methods for Thougth Control
  • Patterns of Thought Culture
  • From Thoughts to Thought-Transcendence

Copy this link to download Thought Power free: https://www.dlshq.org/download/download.htm


Swami Dharmananda
Swami Dharmananda is assistant director of the Yoga Farm and is in charge of the Karma Yoga program.  He is a faculty of the Sivananda Institute of Health (SIHY) and is one of the main teachers of Yoga Philosophy and Meditation at the Ashram. He took sannyas vows…
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