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Sivananda Yoga Vietnam has 3 locations.  Firstly, there is the center in Ho Chi Minh City which has been around since 2010.  Next there is the city center in Dalat which started in 2014.  Now we are pleased to announce we have the newly opened Sivananda Yoga Resort and Training Center in Dalat, Vietnam  since 2017.  This ashram is open year-round and offers courses, classes, and workshops for students, practitioners, spiritual seekers, and those looking for a healthier way of life with more meaning.

– Daily yoga classes
– Time in nature
– Discover your inner beauty
– Courses for all levels of practitioners
– Yoga teachers from around the world
– Come any time of the year

Beautiful Location!

Dalat, Vietnam Yoga Resort and Training Center is located at, K’lan a hillside resort by Tuyen Lam Lake, 20 min from Dalat city, surrounded by beautiful hills.  

Dalat, “the city of eternal spring”, one hour flight from Ho Chi Minh City airport, is a famous tourist destination with fresh air and a mild climate.  The yoga and meditation classes will be held in a large, beautiful 2-story Yoga hall.

The rooms are Western standard, with bathroom. The beautiful landscape, with pine forest, has many walking trails.

Saraswati River demonstrates Dance pose overlooking the Dalat Valley
Sivananda Yoga Vietnam Director, Swami Sita, happy to welcome you to Vietnam

Message from our Director

“Vietnam is a beautiful and heartfelt country
in which to practice yoga and peace.”

Swami Sitaramananda

Acharya of Vietnam

Photo Gallery of Sivananda Yoga Vietnam

Sivananda Yoga Vietnam

I feel that the mission of Swami Vishnudevananda and myself in Vietnam has found its home for a long time.


K’lan Resort, by the Tuyen Lam Lake Dalat, Vietnam [email protected] Telephone: (+84) 263 650 1100
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