Ram Vakkalanka

He was born and brought up in India, immersed in Vedic tradition, with Yogic teachings and style of life, Sanskrit, Mantras, Meditation and Nada Yoga interwoven into the very fabric of his life.  Ram echos the teachings of the ancient Rishis and Yogis of India, with unmistakable relevance to current times but without any distortion or interpretative coloring.

Events with Ram Vakkalanka

RECORDINGS 15-Day Holiday Retreat Dec. 2020 - Classical Yoga and Self-Healing
Open Dates

Description Join us this holiday season for our “Classical Yoga for Self-Healing” online retreat. Senior teachers and special guest presenters will deepen our understanding of the Classical Yoga and Vedic teachings and practices as we reflect on the past year and establish a new, enlightened vision for the…

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