Shreelata Suresh

Shreelata commenced her training at the age of six under Vyjayantimala Bali, the famous dancer and actress. After her arangetram in 1981, she studied under the illustrious Guru Kalaimamani K. N. Dakshinamurthy Pillai. Presently she is under the tutelage of Guru V. Krishnamoorthi, whose unique and innovative choreography has encouraged her to create a distinct style of her own. Shreelata has also mastered the dance form of Kuchipoodi from Guru Krishnamoorthi.

Events with Shreelata Suresh

Labor Day Weekend: Devotional Music and Dance
September 4, 2020

Description Come celebrate the Divine creative spirit in this weekend dedicated to music and dance. Enjoy the classical music of devotional Raga and Bharata Natyam temple dance to uplift the soul.  This is a very joyful and soulful week end offering us a glimpse of rich and colorful  Indian culture,…

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