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Module 3 - September 7 - 22, 2018

Yoga Health Techniques: Therapeutic Application of Asana, Pranayama, and Relaxation

  • How Hatha Yoga heals : asanas alignment and ajustments. 
  • Pranayamas techniques
  • Adapted Yoga: accessible Yoga; chair Yoga; gentle Yoga, restorative 
  • Pain management 
  • Yoga nidra: deep relaxation for healing 
  • Yogic use of Sound, Mantras, rituals for healing 
  • Diabetic education ; metabolic conditions - musculoskeletal conditions
  • special populations : aging; people in needs of rehabilitation, 


How Hatha Yoga Heals

Prana, Pranayama and Movement for Stress Resilience
Taught by Swami Jnaneswariananda

  • This focuses on the therapeutic effects of Hatha Yoga practice as it addresses stress and stress resilience. The Yoga Health Educator student is introduced to the physical application of classical asanas and their modifications for varied health conditions, including physical and mental benefits; breathing exercises and classical pranayama techniques applied to appropriate conditions, including physical and mental benefits; classical theory of prana and physical and mental purification for health, increased concentration and will power. 


Ayurveda Foundations 2

Healing Science of Ayurveda
Taught by Durga Leela

  • Ayurveda Foundations 2 builds on knowledge gained in the Ayurveda Foundations 1 module. The Yoga Health Educator student will be exposed to the subtler aspects of Ayurveda to deepen their existing knowledge of concepts including Ayurveda psychology, constitution, the disease process and treatments, structure of tissues, subtle anatomy, and Hatha Yoga practices combined with Ayurveda to bring physical and psychological balance and health.


Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga Training
Taught by Stacie Dooreck

  • Chair Yoga is simply Yoga done in a chair or standing and sitting using the chair as a prop for support and more stability than the floor or standing may offer. Chair Yoga is ideal for seniors or those needing a Gentle Yoga class; those with chronic illness; pre- and postsurgery or injury modifications; those in wheelchairs or those with disabilities; Yoga at work (in conference rooms or at your desk); and for those in post-traumatic stress recovery.


Anatomy and Physiology 3

Communication, Protection, and Stress in the Body
Taught by Swami Jnaneswariananda

  • Providing knowledge of the structure and function of the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems of the body. Common disorders of the systems will be introduced as well as autoimmune diseases and common interventions. The effects of physiological and psychological stress on health and well-being will be introduced.


Restorative Yoga

Restorative & Gentle Movement Practices
Taught by Nora Benian

  • Restorative Yoga is designed to give Yoga Health Educators the knowledge to work with participants to re-align the physical body and restore inner balance by soothing overstimulated nerves, easing the mind from unnecessary concerns, breathing into new spaces and relaxing organs and muscles. The Yoga Health Educator learns the skills to guide participants to move slowly through specifically selected Yoga postures with and without props, incorporating breathing exercises (Pranayama), and following Ayurvedic and Yoga therapeutic principles to free the flow of Prana. In rebalancing and bringing harmony to the body and mind we support the natural healing process, relieve tension and prevent build-up of stress.


Yoga Business Practices

Business Practices and Professional Development
Taught by Stacie Dooreck

  • This 2-day module gives practical knowledge on how to develop and manage a successful professional practice as a Yoga Health Educator; how to organize and manage records while maintaining confidentiality as well as learning tools for marketing and networking with healthcare providers, hospitals, clinics and other organizations. Personal and professional ethics are addressed along with the scope of work of the Yoga Health Educator in relationship to peers and healthcare providers.