Ashram Facilities




The Well-Being Center

The Ashram is an ideal place to relax. We offer therapies and massages by appointment year-round (see p. 10). Some Ayurveda therapies offered include:

Abhyanga: four-hand, warm-herbal-oil, full-body massage
Shirodhara: warm, herbal oil flow over the energy center between the eyebrows
Swedhana: herb-infused, full-body steam treatment
Marma Therapy: specialized massage technique for healing damaged tissue, detoxification and release of tension for enhancing proper pranic flow

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The Ashram boutique is open daily, offering a range of spiritual books, inspirational CDs, clothing for yoga classes, mats, meditation cushions, and other yoga-related items. Also available are a selection of natural personal care items, dietary supplements, essential oils and Ayurveda remedies. Check with Reception for boutique operating hours.


The library is just behind the main Yoga Hall.  It has an assortment of books from many different spiritual writers.  It is open daily and is a nice spot in the ashram to relax, recharge, and inspire.  Please see our reception if you would like to borrow a book.

Vrindavan Pond

Maybe the most striking natural feature at the Yoga Farm is the pond.  The large pond lies at the center of the ashram at the bottom of long green grass field.   There is many fish, birds, turtles, frogs, and other animals and reptiles that make use of the pond.  It is beautiful to watch the fountain and sit by the pond to contemplate and read a book or to meditate on the sound.  The pond is swimmable as there is a gazebo and dock with ladder for entry.  Also there is a boat for those not wanting to swim.  During the summer months, the pond is a popular destination to get a quick cool down or to just sit next to it under the weeping willow trees.

Drinking Water

Our pure drinking water comes from a well in the Ashram grounds.  Guests can refill water bottles from our sinks or from the water dispensers in each of the buildings.


Coin-operated washing machines are available during daytime hours. We have clotheslines for drying. Laundry soap can be purchased in the boutique.