Dhanvantari Temple

Sincere prayers to Lord Dhanvantari and charity under his name (helping the construction of his Temple and the herb garden around it) will bring in Divine Grace flowing to those afflicted from diseases.  Swami Vasishtanandaji will do a puja on the behalf of the afflicted and the ashram will send you the prasad and ashes if name, date, nakshatra, and nature of ailment is given.  Please repeat minimum 108x his mantra when asking for prayers: OM NAMO BHAGAVATHE VAASUDEVAAYA DHANWANTHARA MURTHAYEA SWAAHAAA  

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Commonly worshipped as the Hindu God of Medicine, the Master of Universal Knowledge, Physician of Gods and the Guardian Deity of Hospitals, DHANVANTARI is regarded as the original exponent of Indian medical tradition called AYURVEDA, the ‘eternal science of life.’ This tradition is now accepted as the oldest, most original and unbroken medical system of the world.

Ganesha Murti and Dhanvantari Murti at Sivananda Yoga Farm Dhanvantari Temple

DHANVANTARI has many myths and legends woven around him. Normally shown as clad in bright yellow silk, He is depicted with four hands- the upper pair of hands carrying sankha and chakra, and the lower pair, the nectar of immortality and kamandalu (pitcher). Sometimes he is shown with the text of the upaveda, AYURVEDA and medicinal herbs. Sometime he is shown with a tulasi-seed garland around his neck and a plant-wreath halo. His complexion is blue, making Him another incarnation of VISHNU. 

In 2016, the 45th year anniversary of the Yoga Farm, Swami Vasishtananda and Swami Sitaramananda led a procession to all the temples and installed the New Dhanvatari temple

Gods, repeatedly defeated and killed by their more powerful cousins, the demons, approached Lord VISHNU, seeking the boon of rejuvenation and the gift of immortality.  He then directed them to churn the primeval ocean in which were hidden the secrets of life and death.  The Gods sought the help of the demons, to whom they promised part of the spoil. With VASUKI as the rope and Mount MANDARA as the churning rod, they churned the ocean till it yielded several valuable things such as desire-yielding trees, a cow, the flying horse, the white elephant and nymphs, Moon and LAKSHMI. Finally came DHANVANTARI the divine physician, holding the pitcher of AMRITA the elixir of life that could bestow immortality.

The Dhanvantari Temple is on a gentle hill not too far from Krishna temple and will be surrounded by an herb garden and Lavender fields. 

According to DAVID FRAWLEY (AYURVEDIC HEALING), “Within all of us is the archetype of the Divine Healer. This Divine Healer is the true healer in all beings, not any particular individual or special personality. To heal others or ourselves we must set it in motion within ourselves. DHANVANTARI represents this truth in the tradition of AYURVEDA. His status is found at most AYURVEDIC schools and clinics. It is a reminder that however much we know or skilful we become, everything still depends on the grace of spiritual nature.

The land there is very pristine and the spiritual vibrations are very strong.  There are many deer that roam freely around the temple grounds.

If you have any trouble with the online donation payment,
please call us at (530) 272-9322 to make your donation over the phone