History of Jyotish Conferences at the Yoga Farm



16th Annual Vedic Astrology Conference
Jyotish Guidelines for Conscious Self Development 

Thursday, July 2 – Monday, July 6, 2015
Presented by Komilla Sutton, William R. Levacy, PhD, James Kelleher, Sam Geppi (Sadasiva), Pandit Samavedula, Bill Sinclair, Swami Sitaramananda

The Yoga Masters have given us guidelines for conscious self development that address the root cause of our suffering by consciously correcting the course of our actions.  We train ourselves in two ways: On one side guarding ourselves not to misbehave, thus repeating our patterns leading to suffering ; and on the other side , actively cultivating positive attitdes and helpful conduct. The mind in its pure state is capable of reflecting our beautiful Self or Atman  in all situations, in ourselves adn others. The universal guidelines (Yamas - restrictions and NIyamas- observances) as outlined by Patanjali Maharishi in Raja Yoga Sutras will improve our lives in the long term and help remove obstacles stemming from our karmic tendencies , character defects, and bad habits. ONe might find a character defect mre dominant then others, but working with one will bring light to the others as well. No one can be exempt from working on oneself.  Jyotish is the tool per excellence to see the patterns of behaviors, the strength and weaknesses of our personality and our karmic tendencies. This conference gathered distinguished Jyotishis who are also yogis , and will bring light to the most important duty that everyone has, Self Development -  to know and improve one's mind.

  • Komilla Sutton topics - Conscious self-development, Yoga Sutras and the light of Jyotisha – Conference key note, Master class – The Mental Vargas and the Manomaya Kos, The Truth about Saturn - exploring his myths to understand the planet
  • William R. Levacy, PhD Topics - Astrological Indicators of Karmic Tendencies and The Yama’s of Patanjali, From Womb to Tomb: Understanding the 8th House
  • James Kelleher - Unbelievably Wonderful Rahu and Ketu!
  • Sadasiva (Sam Geppi) topics - The 3 Brains, 3 Gunas and Sadhana - Part I, The 3 Brains, 3 Gunas, Planets in Signs - Part II
  • Bill Sinclair topics - Synthesis and Manifestation: Bhava Pada Revealed, Hora (D-2): Key to Wealth, Family Relations and Success in Life 

15th Annual Vedic Astrology Conference
Understanding the Mind

Thursday, July 3 – Monday, July 7, 2014
Presented by Sanjay Rath, Sarbani Rath, Komilla Sutton, William R. Levacy, PhD, Andrew Foss PhD, Sam Geppi (Sadasiva), Olga Mandodari, Swami Sitaramananda

Beginners and advanced are welcome. Vedic astrology (Jyotish) give you a clear indication of mental strengths and weaknesses as well as karmic tendencies and the timing of karmas . The knowledge is invaluable to bring awareness and supports  Yoga practice which will  help to purify and balance the mind and lead you to Self Realization. Learn from highly insightful senior Jyotish teachers who will give you specific tools of interpretation. Sanjay Rath and Sarbani Rath from India  are sharing their expertise at the Ashram for the first time. Olga Mandodari will demonstrate how Jyotish and Vaastu calculations are tied in together to facilitate the descent and expansion of divine energy. There will be Navagraha - 9 planets puja and homa - by Pandit Samavedula.

  • Lunar Zodiac and the Human Mind | Keynote Lecture with Sanjay Rath
  • Gaṇḍa-Tārā with Sanjay Rath,
  • Understand the Six Vedic Seasons |with Sanjay Rath, Saturday, 8 - 10 am
  • Nature, Fortune and Children in Stri Jātaka, Relationships in Stri Jātaka with Sarbani Rath
  • The Emotional Process and Anchoring With Moon Yogas, Sam Geppi (Sadasiva), (2)Your Personal Mythology And the Nakshatra Deities, Sam Geppi (Sadasiva)
  • Debilitated Planets and Vulnerability, Mars: Anger, Frustration, Passion Or Divinity with Komilla Sutton
  • The wonderful Ketu, Pacakadi Sambandha, the Relationships of the Planets,  with Andrew Foss
  • Solar Rulers of the Lunar Nakshatras with  Bill Levacy
  • Structure of Space per Vaastu Shastra, Ayadi Calculations as mathematics of Vibrational Matching with Olga Mandodari

14th Annual Vedic Astrology Conference
Matching Karmas with Yogic and Vedic Solutions

Thursday, July 4 – Monday, July 8, 2013
Presented by Kailasnath Krishnan, William R. Levacy, PhD, Komilla Sutton, Andrew Foss PhD, James Kelleher, Rami Bleckt, Sam Geppi (Sadasiva), Keiko Ito, Pandit Samavedula, Swami Sitaramananda

"Karmas and its remedials" was the topic this year.  The  Master classes was about: "the art of Prashna" with Master teacher Kailasnath from Kerala India . Prashna is the kerala developped art of receiving divine answer from the energy of the moment. Kailasnath will share his knowledge of Prashna (horary astrology) and of Omens  for the first time in the US.  It is a  special opportunity not to miss for all astrologers east and west!.  Learn from the experience of these 9 seasonned vedic astrologers and teachers how to counsel the remedials to the karmas detected in the birth chart from the spiritual and yogic and  budhist point of view . The web of Karma is the most intricate web, irresistibly catching the souls in its meshes , bringing about difficult life circumstances and painful lessons. Astrology reveals to us the effects of our previous karma, good or bad. All the planets indicate clearly whether we are enjoying or suffering now as a result of our actions in our previous birth. The way to alleviate the prarabdha karma is to experience it and learn our spiritual lessons. The role of the enlightenned vedic astrologer is the most important role of spiritual counsellor, most alike to the role of Krishna who guides Arjuna through his despondency and step by step enlighting him to his duty and revealing the truth about Karma and Bhakti and Jnana yoga.

  • Prashna: Nimitta, Prashna: Arudha & Gulika, Prashna: Ashta Mangala, Role of Astrologer in Divination with Kailasnath Krishnan
  • Bala Assessment: Creating Life Advantage with Vedic Astrology, Remedial Measures: Vedic Methods to Close the Gap with William R. Levacy, Ph.D.
  • Karma and Freewill, Past life resonances and how to handle them with Andrew Foss
  • Saturn-Rahu Conjunctions, The Secret of Exaltations and Debilitations with Komilla Sutton
  • Jagraadadi avasthas, Enlightened Actions Through The Astrology Houses with Sadasiva (Sam Geppi)
  • Introduction to Planets & Houses, The Moon and Peace of Mind: Yogic and Buddhist Remedials with Keiko Ito
  • How to see the main aspects in an astrology chart, A career and spiritual life with Dr. Rami Bleckt
  • Amazing Saturn with James Kelleher

13th Annual Jyotish Conference
Vedic Sciences Conference - Finding Soma in Jyotish, Ayurveda, and Yoga

08/30/12 to 09/03/12
Dr. David Frawley (Pandit Vamadeva Shastri) • Yogini Shambhavi • Andrew Foss PhD • James Kelleher • Bill Levacy • Komilla Sutton • Pandit Samavedula • Swami Sitaramananda • Sadasiva (Sam Geppi) •

During this retreat in beautiful Grass Valley, California, we gathered in a dialogue about finding the key to our physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being in Soma, which can be defined as the essence of our bliss, or the Ananda rising from the core of our being.  This is not an outer Soma, but an 'inner-soma' or 'nectar of immortality' in our own deeper awareness. We must access this inner Soma if we wish to discover lasting happiness and joy. During this retreat, we will learn to uncover, perceive, and work with the many Somas of our lives from foods, prana and sensory impressions to art, mantra, meditation and the very delight of existence itself.

  • Soma in Ayurveda: Rejuvination of Body and Mind--Dr. Frawley
  • Soma in Yoga: Opening of Sahasrara, Mantra, Devotion--Dr. Frawley and Shambhavi, Soma in Vedic Sciences--Dr. Frawley and Shambhavi
  • Integrating Vedic Sciences--Dr. Frawley
  • Devi Power Mantras--Shambhavi
  • Mayan Prophecy and the Saturn-Rahu conjunction --James Kelleher: Introduction to Planets & Houses,Principles of Chart Interpretation, Yogic Remedial Measures, Grihastha Vs. Sannyasi Dharma, Signs of Enlightenment: Moksha in Birth Charts--Bill Levacy:
  • Gulika, Rahu-Ketu & Other Shadow Planets that Spoil the Soma, Coping with Planetary Crisis-Preparing and Finding Contentment--Komilla Sutton:
  • Argala: Unlocking the Vedic Chart--Andrew Foss, PhD
  • Happy Nakshatras, Venus Promises and Disappointments, Panchanga and Timing--Sadasiva (Sam Geppi)

12th Annual Vedic Astrology Conference
Medical Astrology

06/10/11 to 06/13/11
Taught by Dr. K.S. Charak • Komilla Sutton • James Kelleher • Andrew Foss PhD • Sadasiva (Sam Geppi) • Krishna Darshan • Pandit Samavedula • Swami Sitaramananda •

The theme to the 12th Annual Vedic Astrology and Yoga Conference at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm was "Medical Astrology." We were honored to welcome renowned Jyotishis this year, including our keynote speaker, Dr. K.S. Charak, from India. Dr. Charak has studied Vedic astrology for nearly four decades.  He holds the degree of Master of Surgery from the University of Delhi (India) and is the Head of the Department of Surgery at the Indira Gandhi ESI Hospital at Jhilmil in Delhi.

Our karmas come with the body and constitution at birth and the stress and strains created by karmas are all reflected in the body and mind's health and diseases. Our journey in life is the journey of of our karmas through our body. Jyotish is a science of karmas and of prediction based on tendencies, strengths and weaknesses of the chart. Medical astrology is a very helpful aspect of Vedic astrology. The Conference's vedic astrologers and teachers have a lot to share about the many aspects involved in disease, life and death, health and healing. Every year, many families come to the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in Grass Valley for the Labor Day Retreat, to enjoy a Yoga Vacation while learning about the Vedic Sciences. We are looking forward to welcome you to the ashram and share our knowledge that will help you to live more peacefully, happily and harmoniously.In the spirit of Dialogue, Understanding and Unity, we are, at your service,

About Dr. K.S. Charak
Dr. Charak M.S. (Surgery), FRCS is an eminent Vedic astrologer and surgeon by profession. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons and is Chief of Surgery at Indira Gandhi ESI Hospital in Delhi. He is a prolific writer and author of 10 books on Vedic Astrology. Dr. charak has been teaching Vedic astrology for the last 15 years and presently teaches classes conducted by Indian Council of Astrological Sciences in New Delhi. Over the past decade he as travelled extensively in the west to teach Vedic astrology which remains his sacred passion. Author of some of the best books on Vedic astrology, his lucid style and scientific approach to the subject has earned him a special stature in the world of astrology. His two books on medical astrology remain the most authentic writings on the subject. He is the editor of the highly appreciated astrological journal, Vedi Castrology which has completed eleven glorious years of its publication in December 2007. Dr Charak also leads SOSMT, a charitable organisation devoted to providing free surgical and medical case to the poor and the ailing in the rural areas of norther India. SOSMT has conducted 20 such camps during the last 7 years.

11th Annual Vedic Astrology Conference
"Dharma and Freedom From Karma"

09/02/10 to 09/06/10
Presented by Swami Sitaramananda • Durga Leela • Krishna Darshan • Komilla Sutton • Pandit Samavedula • Sadasiva (Sam Geppi) • Bill Levacy • Jeffrey Armstrong

Retreat in Review
The dialogue focused on how to be a Jyotishi, a truth teller, and a light giver in our modern troubled world. We encouraged enthusiasm for Jyotish and the deep aspects of Yoga in company of like-minded souls,  keeping the spirit of Jyotish alive by sharing in satsanga with others who love this ancient wisdom.  This year, we were happy to present for the first time Jeffrey Armstrong as the keynote speaker as well as the Master Class from Komilla on Friday and the 2 main talks from Bill Levacy and Sadasiva.  There were two special Homa and pujas by Pandit Samavedula. Lord Krishna's Birthday celebrations  was celebrated.

The topic focused on understanding past-life Karma and remedial measures through the 4 paths of Yoga.  "The law of Karma means the law of Causation. Any physical or mental action is Karma. Karma is the sum total of our acts, both in the present life and in the preceding birth. The cause is found in the effect, and the effect is found in the cause. No event can occur without having a positive, definite cause at the back of it.  God neither punishes the wicked, nor rewards to virtuous. It is their own Karma that brings reward and punishment. No one is to be blamed."   -Swami Sivananda, Bliss Divine