Plough - Halasana



Basic Instructions

Learning to move smoothly between Shoulderstand and the Plough, without any relaxation between them, further builds strength in the lower back muscles, which is very important for all standing and sitting positions in daily life. This transition also improves the harmonious flow of your yoga

  1. After holding the Shoulderstand for between 30 seconds and 3 minutes, depending on your expertise, you are ready to come into the Plough. From the Shoulderstand, slowly lower both feet down towards the ground behind the head. Keep the knees straight.
  2. f the toes are on the ground, bring the hands to the floor behind the back, palms flat on the floor, hands parallel to each other. People who are not able to bring the toes to the floor should keep the hands on the back to avoid straining the back muscles and to keep your balance. The legs and thighs must be in one straight line.  Press the chin against the chest; this will bend the cervical region and increase the circulation to that part. Breathe slowly through the nose only and not through the mouth.  Keep the knees straight; point the toes in towards the head, stretch the heels towards the floor. Hold the Plough for 30 seconds to begin with, increasing gradually to 2 minutes.
  3. To come into the full pose, interlock your fingers and press both palms firmly against each other.
  4. To come out of the pose, return to the Shoulderstand, and lower your feet half-way to the ground. Place your palms flat on the ground behind the back, and breathe gently as you roll down slowly with control, keeping your head on the ground.