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Animal Pen

Home to affectionate llamas, naughty goats and elegant alpacas, the animal pen is a source of joy for adults and children alike.

Peace Miracle Labyrinth

The design is based on sacred geometry and matches the labyrinth at Chartes Cathedral in France, built between 1194 and 1250. Ours was built by dedicated Karma Yogis. The Peace Miracle Labyrinth offers a twenty-minute meditative walk. Take a breath, ask a question, step inside and walk the labyrinth to find your answer. Unlike a maze, there is only one way in and out.  The labyrinth is a purposeful path of twists and turns -- a metaphor for life.  The labyrinth has appeared in a variety of forms in many cultures and traditions around the world for thousands of years.  Typically circular in design, the shape symbolizes the unity of life.  Our labyrinth is patterned after a turf labyrinth in southwest England.  Walk the Peace Miracle Labyrinth to find inner peace.

A Walking Meditation - Walk the Peace Miracle Labyrinth to find inner peace. Walking the labyrinth is a meditation practice and a body prayer.  The way we walk a labyrinth can offer insight into the way we walk through our lives.  Enter the labyrinth with a contemplative attitude and, perhaps, with a question in mind. While walking, you can coordinate your breath with your steps as you release concerns and other burdens.  The mantra "Om" may be repeated.  Once the center is reached the Peace Pole grounds the energy.   Contemplate peace on earth while repeating the mantra "Om Namo Narayanaya."  On the way out, you may repeat the peace mantra out loud, feeling the peaceful vibration generated being brought to the whole world.  You might receive guidance on your question during your walk or afterwards. 

The Farm

Yoga Life is deeply connected to Mother Nature. The Yoga Farm is located on 80 acres of beautiful land with meadows, creeks and ponds, landmark oak trees, and a variety of domesticated and wild animals. These resources provide great possibilities to move closer to full sustainability through our animal pen, orchards, organic vegetable gardens, greenhouse, organic lavender fields, well water and solar power systems.

Moksha Trail

Enjoy a gentle walk through natural fields. Follow the trail up the hill to Durga Temple for contemplation.

Siva Temple Hill

Enjoy a more vigorous hike. Count the 108 steps up Siva Hill to reach the highest point of the Ashram and pay homage to Lord Siva. Drink in a beautiful view of the surrounding golden hills.