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          Health is Wealth, Peace of Mind is Happiness, Yoga shows the Way
          -- Swami Vishnudevananda



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I was here at the ashram for 2 days and enjoyed my stay thoroughly. It was a very spiritual and energetic experience. Each and every member of the ashram are very helpful, knowledgeable and caring. I would most definitely recommend and would visit here often myself. The schedule designed was followed precisely. It was a treat for body, mind and spirit. Had a quality time over here.
-- Guest from San Francisco, CA



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Institute of Health

Become a Sivananda Health Educator

Join us for our Inaugural 2-Year Program Beginning June 11, 2017



Meditation is the Royal Path of Yoga

Learn how to quiet the mind and tap into the Divine energy dwelling in your own heart.




Sustainable Farming and Energy-Efficint Building

Permaculture teaches: Care of People, Care of Earth, and Share the Surplus.


Yoga Vacations

Rest, Rejuvenate, and Recharge

The ashram is open 365 days a year.  Come any time for a Yoga Vacation to rejuvenate body, mind, and spirit.



Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology is the Science of Light

Vedic Astrology reveals how the law of karma will unfold in one's life, giving them an understanding why certain events occurred and the parameters one will have to live within.


Yoga Philosophy

Dive into the deeper dimensions through yoga.

 Yoga means union of body, mind and spirit with the Divine. Learn the different philosophies and paths of yoga for realization of the Self. 

Bhakti and Kirtan

Open the heart and Turn Emotions into Devotion

Singing the name of God is the quickest and easiest way for salvation.



Enjoy family gatherings at the Yoga Farm

Many special guests come for the holidays and it's a perfect time for the whole family to visit.



Kids Camp & Families

Start Yoga at a Young Age and Live Happy

Swami Vishnu encouraged all children to practice yoga so they can remain flexible and strong throughout their life.


Seva (Work) Study

Seva means selfless service

Join us for 1 - 3 months of selfless service at the ashram starting the 1st or 15th of every month. The program includes a study schedule which includes yoga, meditation etc guided by a Seva Study Counselor. 


Hatha Yoga and Therapeutic Yoga

 Anatomy of hatha yoga, gentle and restorative postures,

Hatha yoga is part of the integral system of Raja yoga and focuses on the subtle energy flow in the body known as prana.


Teacher Training Course

Training Future Leaders for Peace 

Until we find inner peace, there can be no peace outside.  The TTC gives a channel for finding peace and tools for building inner and outer peace. 


Vastu Shastra

The Science of Space and Architecture from the Vedas

Vastu is an exact science that comes from the Vedas and teaches the optimal way to design the built environment.