Sivananda Yoga Asanas

About Sivananda Yoga Asanas

There is often confusion in people’s minds regarding this branch of yoga. Many people think that the term ‘haṭha yoga’ refers only to āsanas – or to āsanas and prāṇāyāma. The goal of practicing āsanas and prāṇāyāma is the same as for all other forms of yoga sādhana: God-realization. Āsanas and prāṇāyāma are tools for gaining control of the mind, and prāṇa to facilitate the attainment of this goal. Good health, flexible body, decreased stress levels are side-effects.

Āsanas and prāṇāyāma are only two of the techniques of haṭha yoga. The practitioner must also be trying to live his/her own life in accordance with the ethical and moral basis of yoga, as well as practicing meditation. Haṭha yoga begins with the physical body. By gaining control of the physical, the practitioner tries to gain control of the prāṇa ... and by controlling the prāṇa, one gains control of the mind.