Temples and Shrines

About the Temples

A number of colorful temples and shrines are located on the grounds of the ashram. They honor various aspects of the divine. You are welcome and encouraged to visit them. When going for a walk, you may hear the beautiful cadence of Sanskrit being chanted. Pujas or prayer rituals and ceremonies are performed regularly at these sacred sites by our priest. Please feel free to observe them at a respectful distance.

Radha-Krishtna Altar

The Radha-Krishna altar is located in the hall of the same name.  It's located in the original farmhouse which is over 100 years old.  The entire building has been re-done and the marble altar was added in 2011. There are multiple deities represented on this altar.  Prominent are Radha and Krishna.  Satsang, pujas, courses, and yoga classes are frequently held in this hall.

Hanuman Shrine

The shrine to Hanuman, the monkey deity, was built in 2005.  It is located next to the outdoor yoga platform.  Hanuman represents physical strength, skill, perseverence, and the greatest devotion we can have for our teacher and master.  Hanuman served Lord Rama in his expedition against evil forces with boundless love and tremendous effort.  He is a reminder that to serve selflessly is an aspect of divinity.

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Dhanwanthari Temple

The new Dhanwanthari Temple was installed during the 45th year anniversary.  The temple is part of an intention to bring healing and well-being to all people in the world.  Dhanwanthari is god in form of the Healer.  We are accepting donations for this newly installed temple.

Navagraha Shrine

The Navagraha shrine was constructed in 1998 and is located next to the Krishna Temple.  It honors the nine planets of Vedic Astrology that dispense our individual and collective karma both good and bad.  Astrological study of these spiritual energies offers insight on where and how we must grow and transform. By doing worship at the shrine, we can increase the good, and decrease the bad. 

Brahma Vidya Altar

The Brahma Vidya altar built in 2007 hall is located in the hall with the same name.  This is the largest altar at the ashram and features a number of deities.  At the center is Dakshinamurti seated in front of a tree.  He represents the aspect of Siva as teacher.  The large figure on the left is Master Sivananda with Swami Vishnudevananda on the right.  Satsang, concerts, and yoga classes are held in this hall when larger groups are present.

Ganesha Shrine

The Ganesha Shrine is at the very entrance to the ashram.  His elephant head makes him easy to recognize.  Ganesha is revered as the remover of obstacles, in both our inner life and in the outer world.  He gives blessings to all those who walk into the ashram.