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Om Namah Sivaya,

Please choose as many of the following talks as you wish.  We will deliver the files by sharing through Dropbox and you can download directly to your computer within 24 hours. For each talk please offer a Donation of $15 to the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm. Once you select your files and select "submit" you will be asked to donate the appropriate amount.  Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm is a 501C3 certified charity, all of our staff serve on a volunteer basis with not one taking a salary. We are here simply to serve you.  Please note that these videos have been captured by our karma yogis for our records only. Under request, we put them out to be available for all those who could not attend the conference and want access to them. The quality of the videos is as is, without editing.  In the past we wanted to edit the videos and this incurred delays and also often times it is not done, so please excuse the quality of the videos.  Any volunteer jyotish student who wants to help by editing the videos is most welcome.

Thank you.

Swami Sitaramananda and Yoga Farm Staff

Topic Details

"How to Give a Reading"  Part 1 and Part 2  - James Kelleher
This will be a class that addresses the overwhelm that most students have when they have gone to 10 teachers and read 20 books on astrology and are now thoroughly confused and hesitant to trust what they know.   I will show them a simple and systematic approach to doing a meaningful reading for a real person. It is geared to the beginner and intermediate student.

"Wealth vs Spirituality in Chaturthamsa D4 and Shodashamsha D16 and Siddhamsha D24 Varga Charts"  - Komilla Sutton
There are three very important varga charts that can be read from a totally matierial point of view or a spiritual lone. These are Chaturthamsa D4 and Shodashamsha D16 and Siddhamsha D24. We can study them for wealth, Transport and Higher education. If you understand their deeper meaning they deal with the fourth, eighth and twelfth houses,  the search for moksha, transformation and developing the higher siddhis  to be able to finally surrender and gain the true knowledge. This workshop will explain the depth of these three vargas and how to analyse them.

 “The Transcendental Eighth House”  - Bill Levacy
This class offers another perspective on the traditional interpretation of the 8th house as the astrological indicator of death. We will explore the little known role the 8th house plays in describing the spiritual state of transcendence that is the spiritual “death” or quiescence of the mind --not just the physical death of the body. The class will reference classical Jyotish texts, along with the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and Vasistha’s Yoga.

"Purushartas, the four aims of life"  - Brent Becvar
These classes will explore the Purushartas, or the 4 Aims of Life described in the Vedic tradition, as may be seen in an individual hososcope. A balanced life means applying appropriate attention to understanding our unique talents and gifts in service to the whole (dharma), supporting ourselves and families (artha), maintaining and enjoying harmonious relationships that support evolution (kama) and ultimately finding liberation in realizing our true nature as Pure Consciousness (moksha).

"Resilience and Coping: Pathway to Recovery"  -  Bill Sinclair
Resilience is our ability to cope with the unexpected. Jyotish can give us insight into areas of life where we are resilient and areas where we may need to implement practices that will enhance our ability to cope with the unexpected. 

"Remedial measures as a preventive action"  - Keiko Ito
"Jyotish is an excellent tool to bring about a better understanding of oneself and to foresee challenging periods. It also offers many ways to work on the difficulties in the natal charts and tough transits. Mars bringing anger issues, Rahu creating more desires or Saturn setting obstacles in your path? How can we strengthen ourselves to minimize the troublesome influences and what are the astrological, non-astrological and yogic steps we can take to weather the storm?" 

Please choose talks below:

Chart Reading with translation - profesor subramanyam Yes
How to Give a Reading (3 parts- $30) - James Kelleher Yes
Jupiter the secret key - keynote talk - James Kelleher Yes
Living with Mars - Andrew Foss Yes
Living with Rahu - Andrew Foss Yes
Purushartas, the four aims of life (2 parts) - Brent Becvar Yes
Shodashamsha D16 and Siddhamsha D24 Varga Charts - Komilla Sutton Yes
The Transcendental Eighth House - William Levacy Yes
Vastu Shastra - Narajan Babu Yes
Vedic Astrology for Yogis - Krishna Darshan Yes