Vedic Astrology Conference 2014 Audio Downloads



Om Namah Sivaya,

Please choose as many of the following talks as you wish.  We will deliver the files by sharing through Dropbox and you can download direct to your computer within 24 to 48 hours. For each talk please offer a Donation of $10 to the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm. Once you select your files and select "submit" you will be asked to donate the appropriate amount.

Thank you.

Swami Sita and Yoga Farm Staff

Andrew Foss - Pacakadi, Sambandha, the Relationship of the Planets 65.48 MB Yes
Andrew Foss - The Wonderful Ketu 63.33 MB Yes
Komilla Sutton - Mars, Anger, Frustration, Passion, or Divinity 65.98 MB Yes
Komilla Sutton-Debilitated Planets and Vulnerability 60.72 MB Yes
Olga Mandodari - Ayadi Calculations and Vibrational Matching 108.52 MB Yes
Olga Mandodari - Structure of Space per Vaastu Shastra 61.64 MB Yes
Sadasiva - Anchoring with Moon Yoga 88.34 MB Yes
Sanjay Rath - Gan Tara_part1 99.28 MB Yes
Sanjay Rath - Gan Tara_part2 72.33 MB Yes
Sanjay Rath - Understanding the 6 vedic seasons_part1 73.15 MB Yes
Sanjay Rath - Understanding the 6 vedic seasons_part2 80.15 MB Yes
Sanjay Rath - Vimshottari Dashas 61.23 MB Yes
Sarbani Rath - Gurukrpa or The Mercy of the Guru 83.07 MB Yes
Sarbani Rath - Vivaha Anubhava 93.67 MB Yes
Swami Sita - Yoga and the Mind 56.25 MB Yes