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The Sivananda Yoga class is a complete yoga practice intended for all levels of students from beginner to advanced.  The main focus in a Sivananda class is on deep breathing, rejuvenating relaxation, and gentle stretching. A sivananda class will give you lots of energy and recharge your soul on a deep, deep level.  The class can be both challenging for advanced practitioners and recharging for beginners.  

The sequence

A Sivananda yoga class begins with gentle warm-ups like the eye, neck, and shoulder exercises.  Pranayama, or breath control is next, and this recharges the lungs, the blood, and tisssues with fresh oxygen and helps balance the mind and hormones.  This is followed by Sun salutations and leg raises to warms up the body by stretching and strengthening all the muscles, tendons, and ligamnets.  After this, comes the 12 basic asanas, or postures starting with the headstand and ending with standing postures.  

Spiritual Approach

Sivananda yoga is a spiritual approach to yoga which differs from most gymnastics type of yoga that is being offered these days.  By doing headstand first, we put consciousness, or spirit as the most important part of ourself.  When we finish the class on our feet, we are then tuned and prepared to walk in the world in as an aware and conscious being.  

How classes differ

The basic 12 postures can have any number of variations, but the basic structure is always kept the same with inversions first, followed by forward bending, backward bending, sitting and twisting, balancing and standing.  To have the deepest healing benefits from the yoga postures, the asanas should be held for longer periods of time, anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes.  In any posture you should combine effort with relaxation and listen to the signals from your own body.

Sivananda Yoga Class


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