Tips from Niranjan Babu, a visiting Indian expert teacher on Vastu

Mandala Puja performed by Swami Vasishtananda at the Sivananda Yoga Farm, Grass Valley

The front (main) door is the door that allows energy to flow into the habitation, residence or business. Our scriptures mention that a properly constructed and placed front door not only brings powerful benefic energies which calm the minds of you and your guests, but also enable proper discussions and interactions that create harmony in the family and improve business.

Here are powerful do and don’ts that will help you invite peaceful, healing energy and luck into your home or office:

1. The front door should have two shutters with dimensions of length equal to twice the breadth.  The front door should be the biggest of all the doors with dimensions of length being equal to twice the breadth. If possible, have two shutters (just like you have two nostrils) where life breath comes in. Let the door be gorgeous, well-carved with good, strong wood that emanates warmth. Your guests should feel welcome when they see the door and enter into your habitation. What happens inside will be a reflection of the auspiciousness, beauty and strength of the front door. When the main door is beautiful and generous, prospects—finance and harmony—and opportunities flow into the habitation.

2. The pathway from the main gate to the front door should be illuminated and move in a clockwise direction. The pathway should gracefully curve in a clockwise movement (pradakshina).  Keep either side of the pathway brightly lit (during evening). This way powerful energy is always in the front area and whenever the door opens, the energy brightens up the inside. At no point in time should this pathway go dark.  Replace burnt-out bulbs immediately.

3. Have low-growing, assorted-color, flowering plants that give out fragrance lining the pathway.  A powerful pathway with healthy plants can contribute to better health and set the thinking processes to find opportunities for you and your children. Proper maintenance of the pathway leading to the front door can indeed generate a better lifestyle for you that allows your desires to be fulfilled.

4. A Yantra has to be installed to ward off negative energies.  A copper Yantra on the front door can ward off the negativities that set in when you have ‘guests’ (who do not like your growth) entering your home. The Yantra has to be designed based on the horoscopes of the inhabitants and the topography of the area. A properly dimensioned and designed yantra can contribute to limiting your expenses and increasing your wealth.

5. Name your home in harmony with your Nakshatra.  Select a name that begins with a character compatible with your and/or your spouse’s Nakshatra. It can be ‘Sri Nilaya’, Anantha Griha, Divya Nilaya, etc. It could be your spouse’s name, your child’s name and your parents’ name, too. Let it be any name that creates comfort but vibes astrologically with your/spouse’s Nakshatra. Display the name at eye level next to the Yantra so that creative energy finds its way into the habitation.

6. Keep the pathway and the front door clean, inviting and litter-free. Vastu identifies the planet Jupiter with the primary element water. Jupiter stands for wealth, intellect and the younger generation. The proper maintenance of the path to the front door can assist in the residents being affluent. Avoid dirt, your footwear and other obstructions (including pillars, trees, bushes, vehicles, etc.) in front of the door.  Allot a separate cabinet to the side of the door to hold your shoes and sports equipment. See that none of this is placed in front of the door. When the pathway and the front of the door is dirty and with litter, the negative energies get concentrated and drastically affect finances and harmony—and your health, too.  A front door badly done and with obstructions is indicative of everything being in short supply—finances, compatibility and health. An inviting front door, on the other hand, can tell the story of an abundance of all these traits.

—Bangalore Niranjan Babu
[email protected]