People come to yoga because of stress

People come to Yoga because of stress or stress-related diseases, which come from too much involvement with their life. Yoga teachers are not doctors, but we can help people to go to the root cause of their diseases and heal in a deeper way. Even though you are just helping people to breathe, relax and do gentle movement following the asana sequence, it is very important.

Sometimes Yoga teachers feel that they have nothing to offer and that they need to have more medical knowledge. But they simply need to trust that by helping people regain the space of trust and faith, where all possibilities and freedom lie, and by holding the space themselves, the Yoga teacher fulfills a sacred role.

Relaxation is the Key

The Savasana in the beginning of a Yoga session is important, but Savasana at the end is the most important; not to be skipped or rushed. After people have gone through the alternation between posture and relaxation in the Yoga class, of effort and relaxation, their prana flows more freely and their mind becomes more balanced. At that time, the final Savasana will help to completely release the remaining attachment and tension.

The different parts of the body and cells act like soldiers, all the time in the state of readiness to obey the general. Unless the general, being the conscious mind, says to the muscles and cells “At ease!”, they will not relax. Unless the conscious mind says to the subconscious mind, “Let go. Everything is fine and perfect. Enough struggle, enough proving, enough work… Just relax in the being,” the muscles and the cells will not let go.

How does it work

So during Savasana, the teacher helps you to tense from feet to head, all the different muscles of the body to consciously feel the tension and consciously release the holding on. The students sweep with their mind, using their awareness, from feet to head, releasing the identification with the body. And the students will remain floated in the lightness of Being in their light-radiating energy body.

It is then that the students are able to access the deep connection with Self, and heal in a deeper way, regaining a sense of purpose, confidence, life force and freedom.

What makes a good yoga teacher

The Yoga teacher needs to be calm and detached him/herself, becoming a mirror through which they help students to rest in their inner peace. The Yoga teacher helps the students to be well-aligned and relaxed but does not need to do anything special but to help them to breathe and to balance their energy nicely, softly and lovingly as he/she is dwelling in his/her own core Self.

The Yoga class becomes an opportunity for both students and teacher to release their attachment so that they can enjoy the beautiful music of their soul. A Yoga class becomes this miraculous beautiful moment when all become One, there is nothing to say or add. Thus the Yoga teacher plays a sacred role and becomes instrumental for God’s grace.

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