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Steps to Peace of Mind

This podcast is a webinar by Swami Sita from 2013 on steps to peace of mind and how it is like a lake with waves.

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Karma, Dharma, and Sadhana

This life is a karmic life. We are very restless beings and are bound by our karma. Karma means action or more specifically our thoughts and desires.

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How to Progress on the Spiritual Path

In this podcast, Swami Sitaramananda will explain the criteria to determine if you are progressing and what the point of progressing is. In our life we want to develop and grow our potential.

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Yoga Life – 5 Points of Yoga

In this podcast Swami Sita introduces us to the concept of living an integral Yoga Life. Many people start practicing yoga asanas but as one continues to practice one also starts making changes to their life.

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