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Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti Yoga is the yoga of devotion and is perfect for people who are emotional by nature. Through prayer, worship and ritual, one comes to see the Divine as the embodiment of love. Chanting mantras is an essential part of Bhakti Yoga.  Read more about Bhakti Yoga in Our Teachings section.

Why We Chant

Why we Chant by Swami Sitaramananda There is another way to connect to the inner truth within you. That is through chanting. If I go to a restaurant in China, I want to order food and communicate with people, then I have to speak Chinese. If I go to Spain, then I have...

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How do emotions work?

The first thing to know is how long has that negative emotion like anger for example has been there. How long have you been depressed?  Some people would say that they have been depressed all their life.  Others would say, I have been depressed for one month since my...

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Yogic Tools for Transforming Negative Emotions

To work with the emotions, we need to understand their forms and manifestations and learn how to properly handle them. All emotions are forms of Love, but distorted. Because love is at the root of every emotion, we can learn to bring the emotions back from negative...

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9 Ways to Practice Bhakti Yoga in Daily Life

Bhakti Yoga is the branch of yoga that focuses on devotion and devotional practices. God is love and love is God. Bhakti yoga uses our fundamental emotional relationships and sublimates them into pure, selfless, divine love. There are 9 traditional ways to sublimate...

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