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Positive Thinking

Transforming Fear into Faith and Courage

Transforming Fear into Faith and Courage by Swami Sitaramananda 3 AUGUST, 2018 In Yoga philosophy, the teachers or wise people (the rishis) discuss about the relationship between the individual Self and the Absolute Reality.  They help us to understand the mysteries...

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Q&A – Why Practice Positive Thinking?

We become more positive if we hold positive thoughts. We become more negative if we think negative thoughts. The most important thing is that positive thoughts give you more energy. Positive thoughts contain more prana-energy. Negative thoughts exhaust energy. You...

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Positive Thinking and Meditation Article

We talked already about the 5 points.  Proper exercises or asanas, breathing or pranayama.  We talked about relaxation and then we talked about diet. The body is like a vehicle and the proper exercise is like the oiling system of the body all the parts coming...

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10 Ways How to Control Negative Emotions

Today we will talk about positive thinking.  Choose from the words written on the board.  Which negative emotions would you like to eradicate?  Fear, procrastination, tired, anxiety, jealousy, attachment, brooding.  I would say fear and anxiety, anxiety is also fear...

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20 Inspirations for Lasting Happiness

1. When the mind is more focused, you are happier.  When the mind is one-pointed, it doesn't swing so much. If it doesn't have many waves, then you are happy. 2.  Objects appear to give you happiness because of the conditioning of your mind to like this and dislike...

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