The majority of us suffer from too many distractions. There are too many choices, too many products, too many nice things to do, too many possibilities. We are suffering from too much freedom and too many choices. We become scattered and lose strength, faith and stability in this increasing pursuit of external happiness. We hanker after experiences from one thing to the next.

One thought at a time

The mind becomes weak if it does not develop the capacity to concentrate, which is the capacity to resist the many temptations to change. The mind becomes stronger by focusing and committing to one point, one thing, one task, one love. Keep a simple and focused life with less needs and desires.  Concentration is the practice to hold one thought in mind for a period of time, digging a deeper groove and going beyond the superficial illusion of names and forms.

We are not yet capable to see the Unity in Diversity, and the imagination of the mind still captivates us as we compare one thing to another thing, swinging between the things we like and dislike. However we can improve our chances to find lasting peace by at least learning to concentrate, to gather ourselves together and resist the mind’s allurements for as long as we can. We can develop strength day by day.

Concentration and commitment feel good and give us peace but we need to know that we will eventually feel dry, bored and incapable to yield interest as before, as eventually the object of concentration will lose its attractiveness and will become habitual. This applies to relationship and to work as well.

Spark it up

What to do? Keep going but spark up your life! At that time, we must resist dropping the ball and losing all our past efforts and discipline. This is achieved by endeavoring to find new interest in the same object of focus, by going deeper to better understand and to discover new aspects in it. The Divine Mother has many faces! Changes do not need to be radical, one needs to keep the core interest, remain on the path, fundamentally not switching the path, not dropping all past efforts and fall to re-questioning everything – but consciously making some little changes just to spark it up.  A little change in routine, a little change in food, in destination, in the small way of doing things will be enough to bring back zest and zeal.

Remain strong, enjoy your strength, your focus, and yourself with an unruffled mind that has become steady, dwelling in the truth of who you are and no longer on the imagination nor desires.

Remain Established in the Self

Overall, resist the temptation to doubt yourself when you are on the right path. Know this is part of the path, a little attitude adjustment and new challenges. Rejoice in your Self within. Know that others might doubt you and not recognize your achievement but remain strong within the truth of your heart. Choose well what you focus on, not a negative unwholesome object of obsession or addiction, but a pure energy, the name and form of the Divine, and gear yourself steadily towards it in constant remembrance. Dedicate and Love That because it will reveal your inner treasures. Follow your bliss!

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti,

© Swami Sitaramananda 2014 No part of this article may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the author.

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