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This podcast is a talk by Swami Vishnudevananda from the 1970s.  His talk focuses on what the difference is between something that is good versus something that is pleasant.  In this universe we always have a choice between 2 ways to go.  Something that is pleasant is for gratifying the senses.  For example when you scratch an itch it gives you instant relief but brings pain later on.

On the other hand something that is good does not give instant gratification and is a more rough and tough choice.  However the good choice is the source of all happiness and belongs to the True Self.


The pleasant path is more commonly taken and can be said to have big neon signs and gives you a golden nugget such as a trip to Las Vegas.  However following this path is like the moth which flies into a fire thinking that it will find happiness by ends in suffering.


Listen in for Divine Wisdom

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