• Tent - Bring Your Own – $550.00
  • Om Cabin - Double – $730.00
  • Om Cabin - Private – $810.00
  • Siva Cabin - Double – $910.00
  • Krishna Cabin, Double – $910.00
  • Siva Cabin - Private – $1,030.00
  • Deluxe Shanti Cabin - Shared – $1,210.00
  • Deluxe Shanti Cabin - Private – $1,370.00
  • (All prices include $250.00 base amount)

All options include 2 vegetarian meals, 2 yoga classes, and 2 satsangs.

Arrival & Departure

Arrival: Check-in time is 2:00pm. We encourage you to arrive by 4:00pm for the Asana class. Dinner is at 6:00pm and there will be a Welcoming Orientation at 7:00pm followed by Satsang at 8:00pm.

Departure: Check-out time is 12:00pm. You are welcome to stay in the ashram for the rest of the afternoon even after checking out of your room.

Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm

14651 Ballantree Lane
Grass Valley, CA 95949 USA

[email protected]
(530) 272-9322

What to Bring:

slip on shoes, loose comfortable clothing, writing materials, meditation shawl or blanket, yoga mat, sitting cushion, water bottle, and flashlight. All books and materials are available to order from our online boutique. (we will not have yoga mat and cushions available so please bring your own)

Siva Wellness Center:
Invest in your own well being through an experience that allows you to tune into your body’s innate wisdom and bring you into balance.
Siva Wellness Center

Boutique: All books and materials are available to order from our online boutique.

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Labor Day Weekend: Vedic Knowledge

with Swami Sitaramananda, Komilla Sutton, Andrew Foss PhD, Bill Sinclair, Swamini Svatmavidyananda, Debashish Banerji, Lalita Krishnan, Silvia Nakkach, MA, MMT (Saraswati Devi), Pundit Samavedula and Niranjan Babu

August 31 - September 4, 2023


In this intensive 5 days Labor Day  program, the wisdom teachers of many fields of Vedic Knowledge endeavor to present the different aspects of vedic Sciences for  enlightened living and being. It is a treasure of philosophical, practical and spiritual knowledge offered in the peaceful environment of this 50 years traditional ashram in Northern California. Attendance on line is possible but physical presence is preferable. Please see the list of teachers and their fields of expertise.

Daily Schedule

Thursday, Aug. 31

06:00am    Satsang: Swami Sita Welcome on 4 paths and Vedic counseling
08:00am     Asanas and Pranayama (All-Lervels Yoga Class)
10:00am      Organic Vegetarian Brunch
11:00am       Karma Yoga (Selfless Service)
12:00pm     Lalita Krishnan
02:30pm    Bill Sinclair Ramdas
04:00pm      Asanas and Pranayama (All-Lervels Yoga Class)
06:00pm      Organic Vegetarian Dinner
07:30pm     Satsang: Swami Sita and Swami Adi on Strengths & Weaknesses

Friday, Sep. 1

06:00am    Homa: Komilla & Andrew birthday celebration by Pundit Samavedula
08:00am    Pundit Samavedula
10:00am      Organic Vegetarian Brunch
11:00am       Karma Yoga (Selfless Service)
12:00pm    Debashish Banerji
02:30pm    Swamini Swatmavidya 
04:00pm     Asanas and Pranayama (All-Lervels Yoga Class)
06:00pm     Organic Vegetarian Dinner
07:30pm    Concert: Silvia Nakkach

Saturday, Sep. 2

06:00am    Satsang: Komilla Sutton
08:00am    Debashish Banerji
10:00am      Organic Vegetarian Brunch
11:00am       Karma Yoga (Selfless Service)
12:00pm    Debashish Banerji
02:30pm    Bill Sinclair Ramdas
04:00pm    Asanas and Pranayama (All-Lervels Yoga Class)
06:00pm    Organic Vegetarian Dinner
07:30pm    Satsang: Komilla Sutton

Sunday, Sep. 3

06:00am    Satsang: Swamini Swatmavidya
08:00am    Andrew Foss
10:00am      Organic Vegetarian Brunch
11:00am      Karma Yoga (Selfless Service)
12:00pm     ayurveda
02:30pm    Swami Sita
04:00pm     Asanas and Pranayama (All-Lervels Yoga Class)
06:00pm     Organic Vegetarian Dinner
07:30pm    Satsang: Andrew Foss

Monday, Sep. 4

06:00am     Satsang: Niranjan Babu
08:00am    Closing Panel
10:00am      Organic Vegetarian Brunch

Workshop topics

Komilla Sutton – Yuddh – Planetary War – inner conflicts
Planetary war happens when two planets are within one degree of each other. They bring a troubled personality unless we learn to deal with it. Many take the route of Yoga to calm these inner conflicts and reach a deeper understanding.
All of us can also experience planetary wars by transit. How to be aware of them and the remedies.

Komilla Sutton – Vakri Retrograde planets – imbalances, blocks and eccentricities
will discuss retrograde planets in the chart plus by transits as during our program Jupiter turns retrograde, Venus direct and Mercury retrograde

Andrew Foss – Jyotish, Karma and Reincarnation

Andrew Foss – Jyotish and the Soul’s Purpose

Bill Sinclair Ramdas 1 – Living in Cosmic Light: Introduction to Vedic Astrology as a counseling framework.
In this session we will reveal the essential elements of vedic astrological knowledge and how they are seen in clients who are seeking help in the therapist office or the yoga studio.

Bill Sinclair Ramdas 2 – Living in Cosmic Light: Exploring Common Areas of Concern Using Jyotish Counseling Strategies.
In this session we will examine common issues (relationship, career, finance, etc) and how to share the astrological findings in a clinically beneficial manner.

Debashish Banerji satsang – What are the Upanishads? An Overview of History, Style and Content
Description: The Upanishads are the earliest proto-philosophical texts of India. They introduce new concepts, such as those of the atman (Self) and Brahman (Conscious Being) and a contemplative language meant to bring us close to spiritual experience. In this talk, I will trace the history of the Upanishads, touching on their principal ideas and engaging with their contemplative style of philosophy.

Debashish Banerji 1 & 2 – Isha Upanishad I and II
Description: The Isha Upanishad is a short and enigmatic text, which introduces a number of opposites and reconciles them intuitively. Because of its enigmatic style, this Upanishad has been interpreted differently by many different schools of Indian spirituality, each of which sees a validation for their central teaching in it. This two-part workshop will consider the text verse by verse, following the dramatic logic of its composition. It’s approach will follow the integral philosophy of Sri Aurobindo, according to which the Isha Upanishad provides a key to the reconciliation of the paradoxes of being and becoming.

Silvia Nakkach. M.A., MMT – Deep Chant and Vocal Meditation
Guided by Silvia Nakkach, a renowned musician and clinician with an experience that covers every dimension of the Voice; the scientific, the yogic, the creative, therapeutic, and the shamanic, this evening is a precious opportunity to experience first hard the transformative power of the yoga of the voice with a focus on the contemplative experience of chanting as the sonorous poetry. The experience includes: Contemplative Soundscapes practices that combines new discoveries on Mindful Breathing through Melodic Movement, and Uninterrupted periods of vocal meditation that will free the Voice through Nada Yoga & Raga Sangeet.
Swamini Swatmavidya – The Road Not Taken: Self Knowledge and Spiritual Resolve:
This talk will address right living, right relationship with resources, and making the right choices according to the ancient knowledge of the Upanishads. Unless one is able to make the choice to grow spiritually, such growth will not happen. Unless one outgrows stubborn and dead-end desires, one cannot make the right choices. How do we et out of this conundrum? Come and find out!
Swamini Swatmavidya – Neutralizing Karma through Prayer and Self Knowledge:
Karma, in this context refers to “karma-phala,” the results of action. It is said that there are innumerable karmas standing in every jiva’s account. Daunting as this thought is, it is good to know that these karmas can be mitigated, even removed through the power of prayer. Being prayerful helps prepare the heart for the knowledge of the self as totally free of papa, punya, doership, and the results of actions. In this talk, we will discuss the two-fold strategy of neutralizing karma.


Swami Sitaramananda
Swami Sitaramananda is a senior acharya of the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers and is director of the Sivananda Ashram Vedanta Yoga Farm, California and the Sivananda Yoga Resort and Training Center, Vietnam.  She is acharya of China, Taiwan, and Japan as well. Swamiji is the organizer and teacher of the Sivananda Yoga Health Educator Training…
Learn more about Swami Sitaramananda
Komilla Sutton
Komilla is co-founder and Chair of the British Association for Vedic Astrology. She is an internationally-renowned consultant, teacher and lecturer. Indian born, Komilla Sutton is one of the pioneers in making this subject more accessible for Western readers. She is author of The Essentials of Vedic Astrology, Lunar…
Learn more about Komilla Sutton
Andrew Foss PhD
Andrew Foss, PhD, is the author of the book Yoga of the Planets, Their Mantras and Philosophy. He is the creator of Shri Jyoti Star, the world’s best software for Vedic Astrology. He is the President and co-founder of BAVA, the British Association of Vedic Astrology and the…
Learn more about Andrew Foss PhD
Bill Sinclair
Bill Sinclair began studying Vedic Astrology in 2002. He began his studies under Ronnie Dreyer and continues his studies under the guidance of Komilla Sutton.  Bill holds a Level 1 Jyotish Certification from the American College of Vedic Astrology.  He also holds the Jyotish Shastri Diploma from Komilla Academy…
Learn more about Bill Sinclair
Swamini Svatmavidyananda
Sri Swamini Svatmavidyananda Saraswati, a longtime disciple of Paramapujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati of India, is an accomplished scholar of Vedanta.  For several years, she has led an active satsang community in the United States, serving as the Spiritual Director of Swami Dayananda’s USA center: Arsha Vijnana Gurukulam based…
Learn more about Swamini Svatmavidyananda
Debashish Banerji
Debashish Banerji, Ph.D., is the Haridas Chaudhuri Professor of Indian Philosophies and Cultures and the Doshi Professor of Asian Art at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), San Francisco. From 1991-2006 he served as the President of the East-West Cultural Center in Los Angeles, an institution that…
Learn more about Debashish Banerji
Lalita Krishnan
Lalita Krishnan was born in India and has been interested in Jyotish and studying Jyotish for a long time, first in India and then with Komilla Sutton since 2013. She has lectured in Komilla Sutton’s “Fresh Talents in Vedic Astrology Conf” since 2015. She is a practicing pathologist…
Learn more about Lalita Krishnan
Silvia Nakkach, MA, MMT (Saraswati Devi)
Silvia Nakkach, MA, MMT (Saraswati Devi), is a Grammy-nominated musician and a renowned vocal artist. She is a former clinical psychologist, an author, a world-wide sound and music educator, and a Nada Yoga scholar and yogini. She is a pioneer in the field of sound and music therapies,…
Learn more about Silvia Nakkach, MA, MMT (Saraswati Devi)
Pundit Samavedula
Pundit Samavedula is a 6th generation Sama Veda pandit who was trained in the Vedas beginning at age 7.  He attended the Shri Sarva Raya Veda Patha Shala school in South India, and after 12 years of study, received his Master’s Degree in Vedic Studies (Ganapati Pandit).  Panditji…
Learn more about Pundit Samavedula
Niranjan Babu
Bangalore Niranjan Babu (http://niranjanbabu.com/) is a scholar in Vastu, Astrology, Mudras, Mantra Shastra, Gemstone and Meditation. He is the son of the most famous Vedic astrologer of all times B.V. Raman, who has been chosen as the Jyotishi to explain the science of Vedic astrology to the United…
Learn more about Niranjan Babu
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