If you are victim of the recent California fires in Paradise and in Malibu, and have lost your property and home.

If you are distraught and upset in this crisis situation.

The Yoga Farm community and Ashram is established in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California for over 48 years, would like to assist you in this time of transition and we would like to open our home and community to you.

We would like to offer free food (vegetarian), free lodging (in simple cabins with bathhouse nearby), free daily Yoga classes and meditation, which are excellent to calm the mind and recharge you with positivity and energy. Furthermore, you can also consult with our senior teachers who are expert in the art of how to cope with crisis and transition. As part of community living you are invited to help in the daily chores of the community in good spirit. The number of cabins are limited. The free offering is on a first come, first serve basis.

If you are interested please look at the rules and regulations of the Ashram and fill in the application form for Seva Study. Also let us know if you agree to the rules of the Ashram as well as how we can contact you. The dates open for this one-month offer would be from Nov. 27, 2018 to Jan. 3, 2019.

Please spend the holidays with us. We are all good-will volunteers and Yoga teachers.

Om Shanti, Peace
Yoga Farm Board of Yoga Teachers