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Karma yoga

Karma Yoga is the path of action and suits people with active temperaments. Performing actions selflessly – without thinking of success or reward – purifies the heart and reduces the ego. Karma Yoga is the best way to prepare oneself for silent meditation.  Read more in Our Teachings section on Karma Yoga.

20 Lessons On Karma

● Karma is action and consequence of action. Action comes from past wrong thoughts or emotions. ● Thoughts repeat themselves, either right or wrong thoughts. ● Karmas repeat themselves; we call them karmic patterns. ● These wrong thoughts or selfish thoughts are like...

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Karma Yoga: Why and How to be Selfless

Life is a school. Just as in a school, if you do not pass the exam, you will have to repeat the class; so also, if you do not learn your karmic lessons, you have to repeat the experience again and again until you understand, class after class, until you graduate. The...

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Why Do Service and Live in an Ashram?

Enjoy these inspiring, heartfelt responses from applicants to the Yoga Farm Seva Study program: What is Karma Yoga? - I see karma yoga as a way to express gratitude to all people. - The practitioner forgets their finite self through their service for others and the...

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Karma, Dharma and Sadhana

Karma is your desires that you try to fulfill now in this life. Dharma is the result of your karma that is playing out now. You have to do it until it exhausts itself. Sadhana is one step further – it is creating space. You have to squeeze it in; it is what allows you...

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The Yoga of Selflessness

Selfishness arises from us failing to realize that we gain more from giving than from taking. Our mistaken belief that we are separate from others leads us to behave selfishly. We fail to consider the deep interconnectedness and oneness of all life, and act from the...

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Journey from Here to Eternity

Ashram as a Spiritual Haven Master Sivananda said that "one ounce of practice equals tons of theory."  Swami Vishnudevanandaji not only gives us the teachings but also provides the camp ground to bring everything we learned into practice. He created the Sivananda Yoga...

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Karmic Relationships

All relationships come through your life, flow through your life, and flow out of your life. Sometimes you are doing something good for them, sometimes they have insulted you, sometimes they praise you, sometimes they need you, and sometimes they don't need you; they...

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