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Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual guidance that comes from living in a spiritual community that follows a guru lineage is essentially the teaching of life lessons.

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Learn to Focus with Yoga Psychology

Yoga psychology analyzes different mental states to find ways to overcome the distracted mind and learn to focus.  If we can do this it will lead to peace, bliss, and true freedom.

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The Science of Relaxation

In Sivananda yoga we learn the science of relaxation which relieve stress in body, mind and spirit and helps us be calm and peaceful.

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17 Questions and Answers on Yoga with Swami Sita

1) What is the source of all mental problems? All mental problems are spiritual problems coming from the lack of connection to the source and the absence of the sense of meaning to peoples life; believing themselves to be separate and competing with each other,...

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9 Ways to Practice Bhakti Yoga in Daily Life

Bhakti Yoga is the branch of yoga that focuses on devotion and devotional practices. God is love and love is God. Bhakti yoga uses our fundamental emotional relationships and sublimates them into pure, selfless, divine love. There are 9 traditional ways to sublimate...

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Yoga of Relationships: The way to Selfless Love

Practicing Bhakti Yoga in Daily Life: Learning to See God Through Our Relationships There are many different types of relationship and in fact, life is nothing but relationship. Nothing is independent. If we think we are independent we are creating problems for...

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How to tune to positive thoughts – Satsang with Swami Sita

We talked already about the 5 points.  Proper exercises or asanas, breathing or pranayama.  We talked about relaxation and then we talked about diet. The body is like a vehicle and the proper exercise is like the oiling system of the body all the parts coming...

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A Spiritual Interview with Swami Sitaramananda

A Spiritual Interview with Swami Sitaramananda Swami Sitaramananda is a senior disciple of Swami Vishnu-devananda and is the current director of the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm in Grass Valley California. She has been teaching Yoga, meditation...

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Swami Sitaramananda

Swami Sitaramananda is a senior disciple of Swami Vishnudevananda and acharya of the US West Coast centers and Ashram.  Swamiji is also the acharya of the Sivananda mission in Asia, especially in Vietnam, where she hails from.

Swami Sita met Swami Vishnudevananda at the Val Morin Yoga Camp in 1981 and had served in the headquarters ashram in Canada for 6 years before Swamiji sent her to many different centers and ashrams, notably San Francisco center in 1989 and from 1995 as full-time director of Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm in Grass Valley, CA.

Swami Sitaramananda has taught many international Teachers’ Training Courses in California, Vietnam, China, Taiwan and India.

Swamiji is the author of a Positive Thinking Manual, Essentials of Yoga Practice and Philosophy, (translated into Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese) and Swamiji Said: A Collection of Teachings by Swami Vishnudevananda in His Own Words.  Swami Sita is responsible for the Vietnamese translation of The Completed Illustrated Book of Yoga by Swami Vishnudevananda.

A selection of Swamiji’s audio lectures on Yoga Life, articles, and webinar presentations are available on this blog.

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