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Yoga Sadhana for Self Healing

Yoga Sadhana for Self Healing


The process of what we call holistic healing is not just healing of the physical body and the mental body but it is seeing under a different light your own Self. The Self, the Atman, is compared to the shining radiant Sun, giving light and life to all around. Self- Healing is allowing your consciousness to enlighten yourself so that you understand that the body and the mind are your instruments, and you are not making the mistake that your body and your mind is your Self.

The Yogic and Vedantic approach to Self-Healing is based on the subtle understanding of a philosophical, consciousness-based  interpretation of reality. Self-Healing is about treating the total person where the Self, the Atman, occupies the central role, governing the body and mind from within. From this perspective, we know what to do to discover, strengthen and protect the connection to Self. It is the complete spiritual path offered to ready spiritual seekers and health-conscious individuals in a nut shell.

Swami Sitaramananda condenses gems of wisdom from her 40 years of practice and teaching into 18 sessions and helps you to go straight to the goal, knowing what is important and what is not to be successful in life and in Self-realization. 

The course, even though advanced, is open to Yoga students of all levels of practice. Join us for this 18 sessions with Swami Sitaramananda on Yoga Sadhana for Self Healing. Swamiji covers many topics in depth with wisdom and humor that are important for our knowledge and understanding on how to be healthy in body, mind, and spirit.

Yoga Sadhana for Self Healing


Class 1

The deeper path of Holistic Health & Self Healing

Class 2

Healing 3 bodies and 5 layers

Class 3

Resilience in life struggles – conflicts & Stress

Class 4

Yoga and Ayurveda way of life

Class 5

Increasing & Balancing Prana

Class 6

Learning lesson on karma

Class 7

Going to the root causes of suffering

Class 8

Sadhana – Conscious Training

Class 9

Overcoming (adapting) obstacles from the environment

Class 10

Healing emotion and relationship

Class 11

Cultivating selfless love

Class 12

Finding your purpose

Class 13

Sublimating habits & desires

Class 14

Protecting & strengthening the mind

Class 15

Positive thinking in daily life

Class 16

Meditation in daily life

Class 17

Self inquiry to be free from Karma

Class 18

Nurturing Self-awareness, Satsanga & helpful connection

Yoga Sadhana for Self Healing


Yoga Sadhana for Self Healing


The price is $300 - $450. Please pay what you feel appropriate and you can afford.
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