The Yoga Farm’s health and safety protocols fully comply with the Centers for Disease Control and the California Department of Health. The health, safety, and protection of our Guests and Staff is our top priority. Our Staff are trained on all health and safety protocols and are required to be vaccinated or participate in a regular testing protocol.

We monitor all updates to federal, state, and local guidelines daily and expect these guidelines to evolve. Please check back for updates.

To ensure the safety of Guests and Staff, the Yoga Farm requires the following:

1) Guest vaccination is encouraged, but no longer required.
2) All Guests are required to take a rapid antigen or pcr test upon arrival at the ashram.

Guests and Staff receive intermittent health and temperature checks.

The Ashram will offer on-site courses.  Please see the list of courses and dates. Online courses will continue to be offered.

The Ashram is open to registered Guests only. Guests must pre-register and pay online. Personal Retreats are available on fixed dates. Drop-ins are not available. We currently do not accept walk-ins, day guests, or drop-ins to Yoga class.

Face coverings are not required but are available for use in multiple locations.  

All Guests and Staff are encouraged to maintain at least 6 feet distance from others. 

YOGA CLASSES – Yoga classes will be offered outdoors whenever possible. Indoor Yoga classes will have a designated space for each student. Yoga mats, cushions, and blankets will not be provided for Guests. Please bring your own Yoga mat, meditation cushion, blanket, and towel.  Hand sanitizer is provided in all classrooms and common spaces for easy access.

The Ashram follows the California state health department guidelines for restaurants.

All meals will be served by the Ashram staff. No self-service.

All seating and buffet lines have been reconfigured to ensure physical distancing.

The Dining Hall and Outdoor Dining Area are cleaned and sanitized after each meal time, including tables, chairs and other high-touch surfaces.

The Ashram uses cleaning products that meet EPA guidelines. Common areas, practice spaces, and public restrooms are cleaned and sanitized regularly. Daily cleaning records are posted in each location.

Common Areas: There will be an increased frequency of cleaning and sanitizing in all public spaces with an emphasis on high-touch surfaces.

Guest Rooms: Staff will not enter your room during your stay. Rooms are cleaned and disinfected prior to your arrival, with particular attention to high-touch items.

Public Restrooms: Restrooms are cleaned and disinfected throughout the day.

Practice Spaces: The Yoga practice spaces are cleaned and disinfected daily with emphasis on high-touch surfaces.