Meditation for Well-being

Mindfullness, Awareness, and Pure Consciousness
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The Meditation for Well-being courses introduce the basic guidelines and conditions for classical yoga meditation.  There will be discussions on Why meditate? and the necessity to go to the transcendental level of existence to find true peace and happiness.

Participants will study the mechanics of the mind and how to calm the mind and turn inward for Self-awareness. Learning to withdraw the senses and to take distance from the sensual world of objects which create desires, discontentment and restlessness in an endless pursuit of external happiness.

Learn more about What is Yoga Meditation in this blog article.

List of Topics

one student practices spinal twist pose with a teacher helping


  • The twelve basic steady postures and meditative postures
  • Flexibility of spine
  • Increased flow of prana through asana practice


  • Balancing breath to calm the mind and emotions
  • Increase prana to control the mind
  • Channel prana inward and upward

Raja Yoga

  • Yamas: Ahimsa, Satya, Brahmacharya, Asteya, Aparigraha
  • Niyamas: Saucha, Santosha, Tapas, Swadhyaya, Iswara-pranidhana
  • How to reduce vrittis, Concentration
  • Mechanics of the Mind
  • How to see the truth beyond our mental projections
  • Discussion on subconscious samskaras, karma and thought patterns

Learn more about these topics in Our Teachings section.

Upcoming Dates

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Open Dates Online International Satsangs with Swami Sitaramananda
June 18 - 23, 2024 Meditation for Peace of Mind $525.00
June 20 - 23, 2024 International Yoga Day Weekend Retreat $295.00
July 14 - 21, 2024 Online / onsite Master Course: Essentials of Yoga Health & Self Healing $450.00
September 12 - 15, 2024 Hatha Yoga & Meditation Weekend Retreat $295.00

Taught by:

Sivananda Yoga Trained Staff.  All of our staff are 200-hour Yoga alliance certified and have experience teaching in our Sivanananda centers and ashrams.
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