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Author: Swami Sitaramananda   DATE: Jul 1, 2018   Comments: 0

The Deeper Path of Yoga Healing

Swami  Sivananda tells us that we are author of our own helath and well-being. We often fail to realise that physical health depends on mental health, tending to view our physical ailments as something happening to us from the outside, and often suddenly. In fact, disease is frequently a wake up call, a lesson about ourselves and an opportunity for self-transformation. Traumatic events or difficult karmic situations are often hidden and untold, leading to disease. The spiritual element is ever-present in all cases but often down-played and misunderstood. We do not know that being spritually healthy leads to mental and physical health. We do not know that healthy relationships and emotional balance are part of the well-being equation. The holistic, therapeutic approach of Yoga addresses this complex issue of body-mind-spirit connection and interdependence.

Mental or physical disease is a symptom of lack of connection to the spiritual aspect of our being. Connection becomes blocked, and there is a tendency to mis-identify or distort the idea of self. Conventional healing methods are often ineffective in these cases. 

A classical Yoga practice brings the ailing person back to a natural, undistorted connected state. Yoga has the capacity to counteract the forces within the individual that tend to lead him or her to extremes. These negative karmic patterns are frequently reinforced by upbringing and relationships, and it can take considerable time and constant awareness to re-establish healthy patterns. Sometimes, after reaching the lowest point, the individual may catch a glimpse of reality but cannot sustain their efforts. Regular Yoga asana practice and the practice of self-restraint regulate the emotional upheavals and bring contentment and peace. Yoga requires concentration and counteracts the tendency of the mind to wander, to escape into fantasy, to reinforce mistaken ideas. Having attained health the individual needs to needs to sustain this by regular sadhana, reinforced in a community situation, or satsang. It is difficult for an individual to maintian regular practice on his or her own due to deeply ingrained negative habits. The home environment often reflects the diease. Spirtiual community or satsang provides a healing environment.

Yoga methods are always the same:  understanding that the connection to spirit is the main key to healing. This connection will be attained by a return to conscious breathing, practice of asanas, deep relaxation, proper nutrition, positive thinking and meditation and attending Yoga retreats, by moving out of isolation, and by cultivationof devotion, trust, faith and detachment.

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