Sivananda Yoga Foundational Courses

Learn, Inspire, and Grow

The Sivananda Yoga Foundational courses seek to empower individuals with classical Yoga tools and Self-knowledge to promote integral health, to reduce stress, to restore balance and a sense of purpose in one’s life.

Yoga for Health and Peace of Mind

This short film by Benoy K. Behl features Sivananda Yoga ashrams, teachers, and special guests. The interviewees talk about the power of yoga and self-transformation giving many personal stories on how yoga heals.

Our Offerings

In addition to these Foundational Courses we also recommend coming for our special Holiday Retreats where we organize special guest lectures on varying topics.

You can also check our full program calendar to see all upcoming events.

Guide to Progress

Yoga Beginner

  • Yoga Vacations – any length of time
  • Beginners Weekend – 2 days
  • Beginners Week – 5 days
  • Prana and Pranayma – 2 days
  • Stress and Relaxation – 2 to 5 days
  • Gentle yoga – 2 days
  • Positive Thinking – 5 days

Yoga Practitioner

  • Intermediate: Hatha/Raja Yoga, Yogic methods to increase prana and balance the mind – 5 days
  • Advanced: Four paths of Yoga – 5 days
  • Intro. to Meditation – 5 days
  • Raja Yoga: Yamas and Niyamas (yogic guidelines for good conduct) – 5 days
  • Foundation course in Self Knowledge (Vedanta for Beginners) – 5 days
  • Two of the 2 to 10 day electives from the Yoga Psychology and Meditation sections

Yoga Teacher / Counselor

  • Yoga Teachers’ Training Course – 1 month*
  • Advanced Yoga Teachers’ Training Course – 1 month*
  • Sadhana Intensive – 2 weeks
  • Meditation and Self Study – 10 days*
  • Ayurveda and Yoga Wellness Counselor Certification course – 10 days
  • Yoga of Recovery Retreat – 7 days
  • Yoga of Recovery for Counselors – 10 days*
  • Vedanta and Silence Course – 10 days
  • Jyotish beginners course – 5 days
  • Residential Seva study program – 1 to 3 months
  • Three of the 2 to 10 day electives from on of these sections: Yoga Psychology and Positive thinking, Meditation, Yoga Counseling or Yoga philosophy and Self-realization

Select courses can be available via distance learning or webinar online.  Please inquire for more details.

*These courses are recognised and accredited in the accrual of further education hours by IAYT (The International Association of Yoga Therapists)