1. ● Karma is action and consequence of action. Action comes from past wrong thoughts or emotions.
  2. ● Thoughts repeat themselves, either right or wrong thoughts.
  3. ● Karmas repeat themselves; we call them karmic patterns.
  4. ● These wrong thoughts or selfish thoughts are like karmic seeds.
  5. ● Karmic seeds produce trees.
  6. ● The seed of the banana tree creates the banana tree and the apple seed grows into the apple tree. This means that life unfolds exactly according to what we need to experience.
  7. ● There are no accidents. Everything happens for a reason, according to the law of cause and effect.
  8. ● Life is a learning school. Every event is a learning opportunity.
  9. ● Our actions in the present create our future.
  10. ● There is no good karma, nor bad karma. There is karma and freedom from karma by right thinking and right action.
  11. ● There is no good life or bad life.  There is no lucky or unlucky life.
  12. ●Life is an opportunity, a learning school.
  13. ●Acceptance of our life circumstances and at the same time positive thinking and positive action will free us from karma.
  14. ● We are not the victims of our life conditions.
  15. ●Unfavorable conditions might be stepping stones to great growth.
  16. ●We can change our destiny by self effort.
  17. ●In the midst of favorable or unfavorable conditions, we can learn to be responsible for our minds and emotions.
  18. ●Human life is a result of mixed karma, good and bad; Do not expect heaven. Learn to bear and detach.
  19. ●Do not envy other people’s karmas, mind your business. You are better off with your own karmas then someone else’s.
  20. ●Practice gratitude and peace in knowing that every day we are growing into greater awareness through the challenges and the lessons we are learning.

© Swami Sitaramananda 2014 No part of this article may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the author.