Enjoy these inspiring, heartfelt responses from applicants to the Yoga Farm Seva Study program:

What is Karma Yoga?
– I see karma yoga as a way to express gratitude to all people.
– The practitioner forgets their finite self through their service for others and the universe. Yoga for me is freedom.
– It is a service performed to bring one in union with God or their higher self. Personally, I feel there is no better way to burn the ego and have total appreciation and gratitude for one’s life, than to serve others.
– My understanding of karma yoga is that it is an opportunity to live in active “namaste.”
– If I can continually open my heart, and connect to those around me, I am doing the selfless act of giving my complete self to whatever is in my immediate presence.
– I think it’s about achieving a sense of self through a way of life that avoids the complexities triggered by a self-centered paradigm.
– I believe karma yoga to be a path towards true happiness.

Why do you want to come to the Ashram?
– I feel I have made some poor choices. I need some time to reflect and take part in something meaningful so that I may learn that I am important and that what I do matters, but also not think about what I can get out of a situation and just participate in the moment to the best of my ability.
– I have a calling to seek knowledge of a higher way of being in this world. I want to give back to a community that is changing the lives of so many people who are also seeking.
– I hope to continue learning about disciplining the mind and strengthening my connection with the divine.
– What I hope to achieve during my stay is mindfulness, unconditional love for all things, and happiness as that is what we truly are—and to get in touch with my higher self!
– During my stay, I hope to be of help to the ashram in any way I can, and seek guidance in my spiritual path—as a writer and a husband.
– I am SO curious about studying yoga as a way of life.
– I want to learn more about karma yoga to figure out how I can be most useful in changing the world for the better.
– I seek everyday to become selfless—that is, to lose myself, and to experience everything as it is, as One.
– I am searching for an inner stillness that I believe will bring true peace and fill my entire being with love and compassion.
– I must go. The universe has been pulling me on this path for many years—to open up my full heart to give my offerings to God, expansion on the deepest level. The power and knowledge within me can serve a community. It only needs ignition.
– My reasons for wanting to come to the ashram are for personal growth, learning, and exploration into deeper waters than I have been exposed to thus far in life. I consider this a unique and welcome opportunity for a “50-year tune-up” in mind, body, and spirit.
– I think the ashram provides the perfect space for reflection, renewal and a platform to lessen my ego while working with a smile and an open heart.

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